How to Have a Small Apartment Greenhouse?


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Flowers are a symbol of beauty, freshness, and life. All people love flowers. You may find fewer people who are not interested in flowers. But keeping flowers in today’s apartment houses may seem a little difficult at first; Here we are going to teach you how to have a very nice small apartment greenhouse in your home.

How to Have a Small Apartment Greenhouse?

Psychologists believe that those who keep flowers and plants in their home are healthier and healthier. The beautiful feeling of growing a flower can give you hope and life. In addition, flowers and plants can produce oxygen, clean the air in your home and are very useful for the health of your body and soul. So having a small apartment greenhouse for your home will not be useless. Click this site for rare indoor plants for collectors.

Here are some things you need to know to own a small apartment greenhouse;

Selection of plants

The first step to having a greenhouse like the ones at Casselberry apartments is choosing the right flowers and plants. You should know that some flowers need a lot of light and care or are so short-lived; While some other flowers only need watering.

Go to a greenhouse to buy flowers and plants and choose your flowers. Keep in mind that if your home has less light, choose flowers that need less light (apartment flowers). You can ask the person in charge of selling flowers in the greenhouse.

The following flowers usually do not need light and are mostly chosen for storage in apartments:

  • Fig leaves
  • Bidi leaves
  • Callancoe
  • Hassan Yusuf
  • Spoon
  • Dragon Shrub
  • Annasians
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Wake robin
  • Aloevera
  • Gerbera for Daisy
  • Begonia Wax

Selection of pots

Depending on the plants you have chosen, you should choose your vase. When choosing a pot, first consider the size of the flowers and ask the salesperson what size pot you should choose for your flowers. In choosing the color of the pot to be installed in your apartment greenhouse, choose the color of the pots according to your interior decoration. Be sure to consider complementary colors.

The color of the white vase usually looks more beautiful than other colors, while later you can make your vase more beautiful with more designs and colors. If the color of the pot does not matter to you, try to choose colorless and glazed earthenware pots; Because these types of pots will save more water and as a result will provide better water supply to your flowers.

Apartment greenhouse location

Flowers are usually kept in home greenhouses. In the old houses, a special part of the greenhouse was considered and a skylight was installed on top of it. Today, however, with the shrinking and multi-storey apartments, these areas are less visible. If your house does not have a greenhouse, you do not need to worry;

If your home has a balcony, the most suitable place for plants in your balcony. Keeping plants on the balcony, in addition to enjoying the right light and weather, will also make your outdoor space more beautiful. If you do not have a balcony, you can keep your plants outside the window by installing a plant stand. Also, if you do not have this possibility, place the flowers in the entrance of the house using an apartment Greenhouse Decor plant shelf.

If you do not have any of the above, you can also keep the pots on the open kitchen or under the window next to your kitchen cabinet.

Arrangement of pots

The arrangement of the plants is also very important. If you plan to have one to three pots in your home, your job is easier and you will not have the stress of arranging flowers. But if you have more pots, it is better to put them together in an optimal way. The best way to have a beautiful and eye-catching arrangement of flowers is to use a wall shelf or greenhouse stand.

Greenhouse Decor plant stand is a practical tool for placing your pots. Using the greenhouse stand, you can put your pots together with the least space. A variety of greenhouse stands are available in the market at various prices.

If you do not have enough time, you can see many examples on the Internet and Instagram. You can also have a floor stand, in addition to vases, other decorations next to your pots.


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