Understanding the Maltese Dog Breed


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Most pet parents who own this pooch would know that it is one of a kind. This pup is mainly called a Maltese. However, it can be called a Maltese Terrier or a Bichon Maltese.

It is a unique and remarkable dog breed. Maltese are a distinct breed because of their cute nature and glamour and are famous for their exquisite snow like fur. This, in fact, is what attracts most owners to this particular pooch.

Understanding the Maltese Dog Breed

This article will provide readers with important info on the Maltese dog breed as it will enable readers better understand this pooch and see why they are so loved. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

What Is the Origin of the Maltese?

This remarkable pooch was unearthed from Egypt. It was one of the animal model that Egyptians took a liking to. They honored the dog and treated it with so much love and care. However, research will tell us that this pup originated from the island-state of Malta. This place is located in the Mediterranean Sea, south Sicily of Italy. Back when they were first discovered, they were referred to as the ancient canine friend of Malta.

It is thought that Mediterranean rulers brought on the Maltese pooch. These rulers were called the Phoenicians, and the Greeks later discovered this remarkable pooch during the 4th century BC. They were adored by the Greeks because of their beauty and style. The Greeks portrayed them on exquisite ceramic platforms and revered them like they did in Malta.

This pooch later found its way to the arms of the queen of England. Queen Elizabeth endorsed this breed across Europe and was later adopted by wealthy households. They were later introduced to the US by a kennel. This kennel was called the Westminster kennel. And they were part of a dog show where they were used for entertaining the crowd.

As time went on, famous figures started adopting the fun loving dog. And, today it is a furry companion among top celebrities like Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Eva Longoria, and Miley Cyrus. You can check this link https://www.eonline.com/uk/news/1139627/20-celebrity-animal-lovers-who-prove-national-pet-day-never-ends to learn about your favorite celebrity dog breeds.

How Do You Identify a Maltese Dog Breed?

The Maltese dog breed is beautiful as well as elegant. It has a lengthy, silky one-layer snowy fur with an effortless stance and can achieve this because of its square compact body, which lies beneath its soft white fur. They are so attractive and have a royal look about them. They have a face that looks so irresistible and very inviting. It is hard to say no to this breed of canine.

Underneath their silky coat, you will find them to have a round head. The ears covered with furs lay at the sides of the face. The eyes of this beautiful pup will melt your heart. Their eyes come in two colors. Some have black eyes, while others have brown eyes. Regardless of their eye color, their eyes always provide a warming and comforting feel. They have tiny nose resembling a gumdrop. This makes them very cute.

This breed is short legged, but it doesn’t tell when they move around. They are small-sized dogs and are classified as toy breeds. They are commonly white-colored. However, sometimes that can seem to look different when they play outdoors in the mud.

The Maltese dog breed is unique. It has long hairs hanging from each body part. And as hair hangs from both sides of its body, it is parted by a centerline.

How Large is the Maltese Breed?

This particular pooch isn’t a large-sized dog; in fact, they weigh less than 7 pounds. And as for their height, they grow as tall as 18 to23cm.

A pup should be able to reach this size at about 12 to 15 months old. Due to its size, they are great apartment pets. They are fitted for every home, whether a small apartment or a house with an extensive space.

Did you know there is a smaller size of this breed? You can get a miniature Maltese. This particular type is so diminutive that it weighs less than 2kg. And as for the height, it measures up to 4 to 6 inches. Relatively small, isn’t it?

What Kind of Temperament Does the Maltese Have?

The history of this canine suggests that it is people-friendly. They are excellent companions and would make a great family pet. However, it is best that families with older children home this breed. This is because they are very fragile and need tender love.

It is true they are fragile, but this pup would also prefer hanging around older adults. This is because they can be hostile to children. They sometimes bark and lash out uneasy around them. They would do so, especially if their older companion highly pampers them.

This behavior doesn’t make them aggressive or hostile as they are protective, fearless, and alert. This makes them excellent watchdogs. They are friendly except when manhandled. They are accepting of family members and friends. However, they need supervision when there is a stranger around.

If properly trained, this pup can accept other pets and older cats. So, proper training is needed for them. This page here has more on how best to train your canines.

Final Note

The Maltese dog breed is a sweet, tender, and attractive breed. They are great comforters, will thrive in a home with love and care. Bear in mind that proper training is needed to bring out their best trait.


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