Top 4 Subaru Aftermarket Products You Must Invest In


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Sports car enthusiasts have particular car brands in mind when investing in the best automobiles. When planning to use the vehicle for racing, Subaru always belongs at the top of the list. The Japanese car brand established itself in the exciting rally racing industry. The carmaker utilises technology that makes the vehicle perfect for rally racing and road car use.

Top 4 Subaru Aftermarket Products You Must Invest In

If you purchased your first Subaru and intend to have your engine modified to run it according to your needs, you can find plenty of mods that you can find to improve the car’s performance. Here are some of the mods to invest in if you want to boost your vehicle’s efficiency on the road or the race track.

#1: Coilovers

While the carmaker creates amazing OEM suspension on most of their vehicles, like the WRX, its performance can be limited if you plan to boost its handling power. You may invest in aftermarket coilovers if you want to increase the suspension adjustments for the car’s ride height, damping, spring rate, caster, and camber. The adjustments on these parts can help you fine-tune your vehicle’s suspension to help it work well with your driving style and other road mods.

However, not all the coilovers intended for this Japanese car brand are made equal. Some of these mod products are created for street driving, while some are intended for track racing. You may also find coilovers for rally performance. You only need to determine your driving needs to know which product to buy.

#2: Air/Oil Separator

One of the major issues in several Subaru models is the excessive oil that seeps into the engine ventilation system. This problem usually affects vehicles with turbocharged engines. The oil that enters the engine ventilation system comes from excessive blow-by.

If you do not invest in an aftermarket air/oil separator, the oil level of the vehicle will decrease gradually. The excessive oil that enters the intake system will also increase the risk of engine knock. As a result, it will lower down the vehicle’s fuel octane. By buying an air/oil separator, you will reduce the oil consumption and boost the fuel octane by decreasing the fuel dilution with the oil and boosting the engine’s overall performance.

#3: Cold Air Intake

Since turbochargers are made to add more air into the vehicle’s engine, the car needs more fuel and larger combustion. You will not experience any problem with this situation if you can feed the car’s turbocharger with the right amount of air.

However, most OEM intakes have limited designs that can limit what the turbocharged engine can do. The best way to fix this is to purchase a cold air intake as an aftermarket investment. It can provide better airflow and filtration and helps decrease the car’s IATs. It is also necessary to purchase this product to help the car’s electronics perform better.

#4: Downpipes And Catback Exhaust

Subaru vehicles are known for having uneven length headers, particularly on their WRX and STi models. It causes uneven exhaust pulses that may reduce the engine’s peak horsepower.

By purchasing an aftermarket exhaust, you will encounter the so-called “Subaru rumble.” It will also help boost the car’s exhaust flow, decrease the lag in the turbocharger, add more horsepower, and produce better engine sound. The aftermarket exhaust also lets the vehicle exhaust gases freely.

Buying aftermarket products can help your beloved vehicle to perform better on the road or the race track. You only need to find high-quality products compatible with the Japanese carmaker to ensure the best performance.


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