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You can now listen to music on your Android or iOS device in many ways. You can also go to YouTube to listen to your favourite music. YouTube, like all other internet servers and tools, has its limitations.

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What if we wish to download our favourite songs to an Android or iOS device? Is it possible? If so, how do we do it? We will explain how to download music to your Android or iOS device and let you listen whenever you like!

One note: Some of these apps may require that you enable installation from unknown sources within the device. This option can be helpful, but it is not always a good idea. If you are looking to download apps that require sensitive data, such as from unknown sources, we do not recommend this. In such cases, download only apps that can be found on app stores for both iOS and Android (for instance, casinos with that launched legit versions of their apps, sorted by countries.

Fildo (Android)

You can choose from two versions of Fildo: the Music Player in the Play Store, but it won’t give you the MP3 downloading or download capabilities, which are the most important things here. You will need the APK file from the official Fildo website to get the Fildo version that allows you free music downloads. Once you have the APK, you can use the search function to locate the songs or albums you are looking for. The app also integrates with the “Top” charts on various music sites if you are looking for hits. To download the song or album you are looking for, click the “+” icon at the top of the screen.

You can also create playlists with the app and access lyrics. You can save the songs you have downloaded to your phone’s internal storage so you can easily access them without using the app.

Audiomack (Android/iOS)

Audiomack is a great place to start if you want to ensure the music downloaded will not infringe on copyright. They also can check out new talent in Hip-Hop and Electronic genres.

The app provides artists with a platform without official distribution. However, it still has a content filtering system to ensure that the content is high quality. This charitable venture gives you the chance to help in the search for the next big star. It has already resulted in record deals for prominent hip-hop artists like FettyWap and Migos.

YMusic (Android)

YMusic is one of the most professional-looking and elegant music downloading apps. It allows you to stream any YouTube video as an audio file and even lets you run it in the background. You can also download videos as an audio file.

It allows you to download the songs in M4A or MP3 format. Additionally, it offers a library user interface similar to a music player app that lets you manage your music files. You can store the songs you have downloaded on your phone, making it easy to play them using your favourite audio (music) player.

YMusic is among the best options (although it must be downloaded outside the Play Store) and is the most reliable. Many users have highly rated the application, and why not, considering its high quality.

NewPipe (Android)

NewPipe, another app for downloading music, is another excellent option. It is open-source and constantly improving, and it supports SoundCloud, MediaCCC and Bandcamp downloads (all currently in beta).

The default YouTube interface opens the app. Select the video you wish to download and click on the download icon at the top of the screen. You can choose to download it in audio or video format. Tap on the menu symbol at the bottom of the screen to the left and the top. Next, tap on “NewPipe”, a prominent icon on the red top. Choose Bandcamp or SoundCloud for your new service.

GTunes Music Downloader (Android)

GTunes, another app you can download from the Play Store, searches many major music download sites for your queries. You will find millions of songs and musicians from all generations available. There aren’t many search options, so it’s best to use this app if you know exactly what songs you want and are willing to download.

This app is not the best for music discovery. If music discovery is your main interest, you should choose one of the alternatives. GTunes has a built-in player that allows you to cut and set ringtones, and it is a simple but effective bundle that leaves a lasting impression.

SONGily (Android)

The free version is ad-supported. First, let’s say that SONGily has access to many kinds of music from well-known and lesser-known artists, and you can find almost anything, depending on what you like.

You will find options to download and play the songs you have found. They also recently added an opportunity to let you download videos. This program is the type that Google doesn’t like and should be removed from the Play Store.

TubeMate (Android)

Sometimes, the best music download apps for free are not designed for this purpose. TubeMate allows you to download YouTube videos in many formats, including audio-only.

YouTube is a great place to listen to your favourite music, and TubeMate makes it even better by allowing you to download the music. TubeMate can be downloaded from the official website, and Google does not allow it to be downloaded in the Play Store. This is likely because it interferes with YouTube. You will also be able to download TubeMate’s MP3 or M4A audio media converter, which can convert the video to audio.

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Why Are Not There More iOS Apps Listed?

According to Apple’s App store guidelines, it is forbidden to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook or Dailymotion. A few Android apps on the list do not agree with Google.

NewPipe, for example, accesses YouTube via an API without serving ads. Android is a much more flexible platform in this regard, and users enjoy greater freedom; this is one reason there are so many Android apps on this list.


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