Features to Rule the Android Mobile World


Over the years, the evolution in technology has significantly contributed to our comfort and ease. Mobile phones have a pivotal role in turning a lot of impossibilities into some of the easiest things. Earlier, the primary function of a mobile phone was to call somebody. Today, mobile phones, with their numerous features, hold the most intricate details of the person who owns it.

Many brands manufacture mobile phones with an unimaginable variety of features that add to our convenience. Phones like Samsung mobile phones are one of the oldest brands that are evolving and reforming over time. Older mobile brands have changed their features and appearance to suit the changing requirements of the present generation. The older brands’ flexibility to compete with the newer ones is a sign that they are here to stay.

Features to Rule the Android Mobile World

This article talks about those mobile phone features that prove that an Android phone is technologically superior.

1. Battery Capacity for Longer Use: One major problem with smartphones is the quick drainage of charge, due to the multiple apps and data running in the background. It has increased the dependency on power banks, which is sometimes a nuisance to carry around.

Hence, one prominent feature to look into while selecting a new phone is the battery capacity. There is a wide range of mobile phones that has a minimum of 10,000 megahertz of battery capacity. They should have provisions like battery saver mode and predictions of battery capacity throughout the day. These features would work very well for those with high usage and for those who travel a lot.

2. Storage and access to choices: Mobile phones should be sophisticated enough to blend in the best of Google services for the best user experience. For instance, Google Photos’ ability to act as a default gallery for all the pictures and videos that would otherwise be lost due to lack of storage is an excellent Google service adapted into many Android phones.

Google Photos also provides the facility to store, search and share all the pictures and videos with unlimited storage capacity.

There are also other essential features like expandable memory, with slots for memory cards.

3. Infinite Possibilities for Entertainment: Activities like listening to music or watching a movie, are all done on phones these days. These devices must cater to the needs of people from all strata of society and across generations. Entertainment is very much necessary in this fast-paced world, and phones must prioritise the right accessories required, like speakers and display, to make this experience enjoyable.

Many features provide the best for every user from the right music effect to the proper gaming effect. The possibility also includes hand gestures, voice assistant help, hearing and visibility enhancers and many more.


Brands like Samsung mobile phones have been evolving to live up to the customer’s requirements. Features of the phones must be exceptional and the brand trustworthy. Pair the above prerequisites with an incredible customer care service, and it becomes a brand that gives Android users the best experience.


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