Ready to Improve Your Skin? Six Steps to Get Started


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We all want healthy, clear skin, but between genetics, environmental factors, and of course issues like hormonal imbalances and stress, it can be very, very difficult to get control over your skin’s condition.

Ready to Improve Your Skin - Six Steps to Get Started

Improve Your Baseline Health

We all know there are a few key tips to improve your skin. Drink enough water, reduce the amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates, and for some cut out dairy products. The fact is healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are key to improving your baseline health. You cannot know what your skin needs until you tackle these issues first.

While you are working on improving your baseline health through your diet, aim to exercise more regularly, sleep better, and start up a simple but consistent skincare routine and stick to it. After two weeks or even a month you will then want to carry on with the next steps.

See a Doctor or Dermatologists in Toronto

If improving your baseline did not stop issues like acne or other skin conditions, then it is important to see a doctor or a dermatologist who can test your skin and direct you through a specific course of action to help you get your skin condition under control.

Choosing the Right Products for Your Skin

There are, generally, give types of skin and products that are designed for each of them. Dry, oily, combination, normal, and sensitive. Genetics, skin tone, and environment will also impact which products will suit you best. This could require some trial and error, so if you can try to find the tester size of products to use first. The safer way is to visit an Aesthetic Clinic and consult with a skin specialist about the right products and skin care routine for your kin type. This way you can determine what works for your skin, without additional waste or cost. You can also use skin tightening device for your face for best results.

Tools Designed to Help Your Skin Replenish

There are many tools you will want to look into for your skin. A great all-in-one tool is a microcurrent tool. Microcurrent tools, like those from NuFACE, work to mimic the body’s ionic flow, which works to stimulate cell turnover, improves toning, aids in lymphatic drainage, re-educates muscles in the face, boosts circulation, improves product penetration, tightens skin, and also reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Stop Picking at Your Skin

Picking at a zit can be tempting, but it can actually cause more damage. Leave your face alone, and you will notice discoloration, and even acne itself, start to clear up. Let the products and the tools you have on hand do the hard work for you. You will also want to try to stop touching your face as a general rule, especially if you haven’t immediately just washing your hands thoroughly, as this can also cause issues like acne.

Be Consistent

Your skin turnover is around 30 days, all the way to 46 days, and it takes longer for your skin to turn over the older you are. What this means is that it takes around one month for you to really start seeing lasting results, though that doesn’t mean short-term results aren’t possible.

Consistency is important when you want to really understand how a new product or tool is working for you, so give new inclusions time to show results. If necessary, take daily photos so that you can see your skin’s journey.


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