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After the 21st century, Dubai has become more prevalent in tourism. The city has decided to attract 25 million visitors annually by 2025, and they are reaching their goals. Many things add beauty to Dubai Life, including iconic skyscrapers, indoor activities, family-friendly themed parks, world-class entertainment, and experiences. Dubai has proved to be a global leader in innovation, technology, and tourism. There are also cultural heritage and activities in Dubai which complement the vibrant history and culture of Dubai. You can book your rides by dhow cruise marina.

Dubai underwater zoo and aquarium

Dubai Underwater Zoo is located on the main floor of Dubai Mall. This Aquarium has 10 million liters of water tank. It contains over 33000 diverse aquatic animals, including the most giant crocodile in the world.

A tunnel made of glass 11 meters high and 48 meters long, you can see all marine creatures of almost every size. You can feed and swim with rays and sharks. You can closely see and amuse yourself by watching the deadliest sea creatures from glass. You can enjoy activities in Dubai by booking a ride with the Dhow cruise marina.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is off-roading done on dunes, typically with large 4X4 cars such as the Toyota Land Cruiser or Fortuner. It involves traveling at various speeds over dunes and maneuvering the car in such a way that it maintains balance while traveling up and down the hill. Dune bashing is a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping activity that must be approached with extreme caution and safety. SUVs utilized for this adventure activity are typically outfitted with protective equipment such as roll cages, and tire pressure is drastically decreased to allow for optimal grip against flowing sand. You can book Dune bashing using Dhow Cruise Marina.

Thrilling time at IMG world of Adventure

It is known as one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world. It has rides that can boast body hair due to fear and thrill. Over 20,000 people visit here every day. There are popular cartoon network characters, Marvel superheroes, and dinosaur adventures. This park has four so-called Epic Zones with rides surrounding it.

The IMG Haunted Hotel in the adventure world is not a ride or roller coaster but a walk-through experience with live actors attempting to scare you at every turn. Creepy hotel personnel, zombies, ghost wraiths, possessed souls, and graveyard stalkers await the unfortunate souls who dare to enter this hotel. You can book IMG World Adventure Park using the dhow cruise marina.

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Hot air balloon ride

You can soar over the beautiful Dubai desert at sunrise in a hot air balloon. This activity provides you with a relaxing and exhilarating experience. The flight gives a good breakfast and open-air transport in vintage Land Rovers. You can view camels and gazelles moving on the sand at 4,000 feet, which can squint your eyes.

A ride to helicopter flight over a city

Dubai is very special in bird’s eye view from the harbor side. You will forget the beauty of New York City. Now, the most breathtaking skyline belongs to Dubai. Sitting in a helicopter, you will have a top view of incredible landmark views of Palm Jumeirah island, Burj Al Arab Hotel, and Ras Al Khor wetland.

You can fly up to 1,500 meters up in the sky and view artificial adventures by booking a ride as a gyrocopter tour.


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