Causes of Sagging Facial Skin at a Young Age


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Beauty is the most coveted thing by women, especially the freshness of the skin on the face. Many women want the face to look younger because it can increase self-confidence. If the skin is sagging at the age of 50 it is natural, but what if the facial skin is loose when young and in their 30s?

Causes of Sagging Facial Skin at a Young Age

It should be understood, that what happens to all members of our body is caused by the activities and habits that we do every day. Including sagging cheeks. Activities undertaken, cosmetics used, and nutrition of food consumed daily greatly affect the physical condition of each person. This time let’s discuss the causes of sagging skin at a young age so that facial skin looks younger.

Smoking can cause sagging skin

I am sure, we all agree that smoking is a bad deed and endangers health to anyone. But did you know? not only bad for health, but it turns out smoking also gives a fatal impact on the health of our skin. That is because, toxic substances found in cigarettes can damage blood vessels in the body, inhibit the absorption of oxygen, and prevent the entry of nutrients into our bodies. And when blood circulation in our skin is blocked, the skin tissue that we have will be more quickly damaged. And this damage can usually be characterized by wrinkled and sagging skin. Therefore, if we want healthy, tighter skin, let’s leave smoking habits from now on.

Frequent exposure to UV rays can damage skin cells

Morning sunlight is proven to contain vitamin D which is good for our bones. But remember, that only applies to the morning sun. Trying to sunbathe during the day, instead of the body become healthy, there actually invites a lot of illnesses to come. Why? The reason, exposure to UV rays that are too long and at the wrong time, will be a trigger for cancer cells to appear on the skin. And not only that, excessive exposure to UV light will be the main cause of a person experiencing premature aging. And among the characteristics of skin that experiences premature aging, is the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Stress is very influential on body health

Not only affects the health of the mind and soul, excessive stress experienced by a person, will also affect the health of the person’s skin. Therefore, from now on, be smart in processing emotions. Avoid and stay away from the causes of stress. Arrange a routine schedule of sports that we can do. Because, in addition to a healthy body, sports activities can also relieve stress and burden on the mind.

Frequently exposed to pollution

Excessive contact with polluted air will increase the risk of premature aging. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being in a beautiful environment, and clean air is the best solution for those of us who want to maintain healthy skin.

Using the wrong product

We need to realize, almost all cosmetics on the market today are processed or even concoctions of natural and chemical ingredients. Therefore, it would be wise if we are more careful in using it. What’s more, not all of these chemicals are suitable and acceptable to all skin types. Even if the products we use are suitable for now, it is very likely that in the coming years, chemicals stored behind the pores of the skin will cause new problems for our skin. Try more natural facial treatments, such as: fruit masks, tea powder masks, or egg white masks.

The following is a natural way to tighten sagging skin due to problems of premature aging and pollution as well as poor skincare. These face care tips are proven to work safely and naturally and the application is also very practical so it is easy to do regularly and consistently even if you are busy.

Banana Mask

Bananas are certainly familiar to you, especially those who are on a diet program. This sweet, yellow fruit has a high content of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, and good potassium to help skin rejuvenation and make skin tighter. Prepare enough bananas, and make sure the fruit is ripe (can be any type). Blend with crushed, and add a little honey. Spread evenly on all facial skin ingredients, wait patiently for about half an hour. Use cold water to rinse your face from rejuvenating mask to clean.

Peaches and Honey

The combination of peaches and honey is one of the best for you to try. As a natural exfoliant, peaches contain alpha hydroxy acid which can smooth, tighten, and hydrate facial skin. Even the symptoms of premature aging can be reduced by both. Provide 1 medium-sized fruit, as well as a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of yogurt. Soften the previously boiled peaches, then grind them in a bowl. Add yogurt and honey, mix until smooth, then apply to the skin of the face and neck. Leave for 15-20 minutes before using warm water to rinse it first, and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Sea Salt

Salt which is usually as a food flavoring turns out to be also useful for forming collagen in the body. The high mineral content is what can make dirt and toxins disappear so that the formation of collagen can run perfectly. In treating your face, use sea salt directly without having to be mixed with other ingredients. All you need to do is mix as much as 2 teaspoons of sea salt into the water you want to use to wash your face. The use of saltwater regularly will give fast results, namely in the first week.

Watermelon Skin

Like to eat watermelon? Every time after enjoying this fresh and vitamin red fruit, the skin should not be removed yet. Facial skin can always be tight and smooth using this watermelon skin as long as its use is routine. The method is quite simple, you can simply use the inside of the watermelon skin that is wet by rubbing it into the facial skin. After the rubbing process is done evenly, wait for the watermelon water to stick longer and absorb it. About 20 minutes have passed, you can use cold water to clean your face.


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