Pro-Tips by SpacePepper Studios: How to Produce a Killer Marketing Video?


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Digital marketing has slowly taken over a large share of traditional marketing, and businesses are making good use of this mode to widen their reach with greater accuracy. However, a marketing strategy has several components and is incomplete without video content. Videos are among the most popular media format consumed by the people as they find it easier to understand and relate to them better.

Pro-Tips by SpacePepper Studios: How to Produce a Killer Marketing Video?

Videos can be of several kinds, and those made for marketing must have certain key features that make it work in favour of the business. So, if you are planning to create a marketing video, these tips from SpacePepper Studios should be able to guide you on how to make it effective.

Create an Interesting Story Around the Consumer

Describing an everyday scenario and integrating the importance of the product is far more effective than recounting the benefits of your product. This will benefit your marketing in two ways:

  • It will relate a story that the consumer can find interesting and enjoyable
  • It helps the consumer see the relevance of the product concerning himself.

Have a Striking Introduction

Consumers are exposed to marketing of several products through several media. This makes them indifferent to advertising unless it can capture their attention in the first few seconds. This makes it essential for the introduction to be exceptional. It can be made to stand out in different ways, and that is up to your creativity.

The Message Must Be Prioritised

The video must communicate with the consumer and deliver a message that is related to the product but is not the product itself. The main focus must remain on the message while integrating the product benefits within it.

Add Interesting Elements

Beautiful backgrounds, enticing music or an element of surprise can make your video memorable. The surprise elements could be excitement, humour, suspense and even fear. These elements will help consumers remember your brand and associate it with a particular element.

Short and Sweet

It is a skill to say something deep in very few words, and that is what you must exhibit through your videos. A short and crisp video is more likely to be viewed completely than a long, winding one. Internet users like to pack on a lot of things in a short time and hence prefer to watch many, rather than watch just a few in the same amount of time. Also, the message is likely to get lost due to lack of interest in a longer video.

Focus on Clarity

While the focus on clarity of the message is very important, the clarity of the vehicle used to deliver it is also important. The voice and the audio quality of the message must be clear.

Quality Is More Important Than Perfection

While you must try to make your video perfect, it is more important to focus on the quality of the video. Getting a video produced professionally can reduce your worries about its quality. A professional music video production in Delhi like SpacePepperStudios, takes care of all the infrastructural requirements of the project and ensure that the product delivered to the client is of the highest quality.

Make the Video User-Friendly

Consumers watch their videos on different devices, and all of them should be able to get the same experience. The video should be produced and delivered to the consumer, keeping this very important aspect in mind. Hiring artists with a clear voice and speech is the best option for this. If there is an issue with clarity, it can be sorted by engaging the services of a voice-over artist.

Optimise the Video

The video must have a title and a description that makes it easy for consumers to find it. Adding plenty of relevant hashtags and keywords can help in boosting the views for the video, which in turn helps the business. Adding the website URL and encouraging CTAs towards the end of the video also helps in generating consumer visits to the website and hence procuring more revenue.

If you follow these tips when creating your video, there is a good chance that your marketing plan will be very successful.


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