Is the Best Website Builder Worth It?


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When looking to create your website, you need to figure out how you want to go about doing it. Nowadays, website builders are a popular option to consider but you have to stop and ask yourself, is even the best website builder worth using?

Is the Best Website Builder Worth It

Even the best website builder has downfalls that you simply can’t ignore. The question is though, do the pros outweigh the cons?

Advantages of Using A Website Builder

Even the best website builder falls short in some areas, but that doesn’t mean that there are not some key advantages to using them.

  • Quick way to get your site launched
  • Require a very small budget to start
  • Require minimal tech skills

Once you overcome the learning curve to a website builder, you can complete it rather quickly with minimal technological skills required. Even the best website builder won’t be too expensive either and may even offer a free plan.

Disadvantages of Using A Website Builder

Now it’s time to look at where website builders fall short.

  • Difficult to scale
  • Limited functionality
  • You don’t have complete control of your own site

Most website builders make it very difficult to grow your site. If you want a bunch of different pages, even the best website builder will have difficulty accommodating for that.

When it comes to functionality, forget about custom features. The platform severely limits your ability to add in multiple custom features.

Also, did you know that with most website builders, you don’t actually own your site and the builder can take your site down at any time if you don’t comply with their terms and services?

Consider Your Other Options

Unless you’re looking for something super simple that you don’t need too much control over, even the best website builder is probably not for you.

Instead, you should look into coding it yourself. If you have zero technician skills, then we highly recommend using a web developer to do all the work for you such as Adelaide Web Designer for best results.

By using one of these options instead, you gain a completely unique and customizable website that can scale with your growing needs.


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