How to Wipe-out Eye Allergies Effectively


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The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. We acknowledge it but we don’t treat our eyes subtly. I realized it last year when I was practicing my house job at bee well hospital Islamabad. I was on duty in the eye-ward for a week and the number of patients having allergies and infections made me wonder.

It is the most common type of allergy as 10% of children have allergic conjunctivitis according to recent research. Who likes his eyes to be red and watery always? Who likes are people assuming him a blunderer guy having teary eyes? Additionally, who likes knuckling away at his eyes all day?

How to Wipe-out Eye Allergies Effectively

I discussed the concern of rapid increase in cases of eye allergy with senior doctors and they agreed to hold a seminar. In the seminar, they decided to educate people, patients, attendants, and interns.

I’ll share some of the gains from the seminar. Causes that let eyes be prone to allergies, type of allergens in the atmosphere, and ways to wipe them out.

Causes of Eye Allergy:

We get vulnerable to house dust, pollen, mites, and many other allergens either we are cleaning our dusty basement or enjoying the fresh breeze of spring.

  • Pollen from trees, molds, grass, and weeds are massively present in the wind and prove allergic to the eyes.
  • Many domestic pets have dust particles and mites stuck in their fur. It proves to be menacing to the eyes.
  • Dust particles from roads, grounds, and houses are a common cause of different allergies.

Traits of our Eyes we should focus on:

  • We should not neglect our eyes if we feel burning or itching in them.
  • In addition to irritation, the redness of the inner eyelids leads to an eye infection.
  • Blurry vision or decreased vision are common symptoms of eye allergy.
  • Pain in the eyes and feeling of something stuck in the eye.
  • Water eyes or the increased tearing of eyes is a sign of eye allergy. Allergens are liquified into the tears.

Ways to Get rid of Eye Allergy:

Along with some of the home remedies, medication is required for the complete treatment. Well, we got to learn about many useful ways to wipe out eye Allergies. Because the best Allergy Doctors in Islamabad were invited to the seminar for providing the best guidance.
We will discuss some of the natural ways to soothe your itchiness first. Then, we’ll get towards the medicinal treatment.

1) Home Remedies to Cure Eye Allergies:

Taking care of your body and specifically, the sensitive parts are our responsibility. Some easiest ways to take care of your eyes are:

  • Washing our face is the first instant action we take, on feeling itchiness.
  • Using ice packs proves to be very helpful in soothing the eyes.
  • Wearing sunglasses when going outside works as a barrier to pollen and dust particles.
  • Closing windows and cleaning them help to wipe out the allergens.
  • Washing hair at night time aids a lot because they collect allergens in them.
  • Cleaning Eyelids by using a soft wet cloth or cotton pad pacifies the eyes.
  • Rinse your eyes with a little warm water to calm them down.
  • Never forget to wash your hands after touching your pet to avoid allergic particles.

2) Eye Drops

Use immediate eye drops. You can easily find them from the counter of any nearby medical store. They settle down the itching and burning of eyes in no time. Mostly, people prefer to use them at night. It aids them in sleeping peacefully.

3) Immunotherapy Shots

It is a medical treatment against environmental allergies. This technique is also named desensitization and hypo-sensitization. In this method, the response of our immune system is changed and exposed to many allergens.

4) Using Antihistamine medicine

Pills or liquids having antihistamine content pacifies the pain and irritation in the eyes by blocking the release of histamine by our body cells.


Eye allergies usually take 4 to 8 weeks for complete recovery. Staying indoors during the bad windy weather saves us from getting vulnerable to these allergens. Besides it, mite-proof bed sheets are used to avoid allergens. So, it’s always better to take prevention measures rather than treatment.

Furthermore, it’s necessary to be aware of what causes your eye to be allergic. The allergy will steer away if you are no longer exposed to that allergen.

If you have noticed that your allergies are very frequent, or very severe, then you might need to start using an EpiPen. Sadly, EpiPens are expensive and most insurance plans don’t cover them. The good news is you can get EpiPen coupons by joining an online prescription advocacy program.


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