How to Use Instagram Stories for Successful Social Media Campaigns


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Today, most digital campaigns on the web are directed to social media. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat have grown to be loved and used by over a billion users combined. Amongst this, Facebook-owned Instagram has about 800 million users and is rapidly racing to a billion figure mark for users. Instagram has become a standout social media tool for digital marketers, brand consultants, and advertisers, the concerned website Growthoid mentions, as it features tools like branded posts, analytics, Insta LIVE and Insta stories.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Successful Social Media Campaigns

What are Insta Stories?

The attention span of a human being with the advent of social media has drastically reduced. That has led to the increasing popularity of a tool that runs for 15 seconds and disappears after 24 hours.

Instagram launched its ‘stories’ feature back in 2018, as an inspiration feature from the rival social media platform- Snapchat. ‘Insta stories’, as they are called, quickly captured the title position with around 500 million active users and about 1 billion stories per day at its peak. Seeing this phenomenal rise, marketers and advertisers started putting their money into it for promoting, featuring, and branding their products on stories, which carries the advantage of immediate viewing.

This move has brought about great profits for companies, as these fleeting stories are the best ways to catch the attention of the audience- even if it is for a mere 15 seconds.

Why do brands want to put money on Insta stories?

Almost seven out of ten brands today want to put half of their money on Instagram and Instagram stories, making it the go-to platform for brand promoting, advertising, and online audience building.

While other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat also have included ‘stories’ into their tools, figures for Insta stories look extremely promising. According to a Mediakix report, people use Insta stories almost twice as much as the other platforms’ similar features. This directly translates to a larger audience, increased engagement, and traffic.

If there’s one place where digital marketers want to put their money, it is where the audience is present and at the present moment, it is on Instagram. Additionally, the target audience is more likely to engage and share brand-related content when they find it on their feed or when browsing through their stories. It makes instant sharing easier, and the presence of a single platform helps concentrate the focus more on quality. The returns on investments for such campaigns include frequent traffic and increased chatter about the brand.

How to use Insta stories to run successful social media campaigns?

About seventy-per cent of the content on social media platforms is videos. Videos drive social media campaigns, and Insta stories form a part of the video marketing campaign. The more video content a brand puts out, the greater engagement it can expect to get. It is necessary for brands to customise their content according to the specifications of this video market. In such a scenario, social media specialists want a simple, fast and smart tool that can help them quickly make video ads and stories.

In a sea of choices, InVideo has one such free online Instagram video maker tool. If you’re looking for a quick, intuitive and fast video maker that is AI-powered, then InVideo is the best one out there. It has been spearheading a lot of successful campaigns.

Instasize is another well-known tool capable of creating engaging Stories content. When using your mobile phone to take videos, the iOS version of the app has basic video editing features bundled in alongside their extensive photo editing options.

Running a successful campaign on Insta stories requires a careful combination of —

Knowing your audience – Who are you speaking to? What do they like? Who do they follow and what should you say to make them listen? It is important to keep these questions and their answers in mind while promoting your brand.

Your brand identity – It is necessary for you to be absolutely clear on the identity of your brand, the customisation to a particular platform, and the stand-out factor of your products.

Insta stories have a host of features that drive branded content user engagement, which includes:

  • Polls; a great way to connect with your audience and to understand their tastes and likes.
  • Tagging; a way to route your audience to your store or product is a great way to connect with an active audience.
  • Story mentions; a way for increased user engagement, allowing users to mention your brand page as many times they want.
  • Swipe-ups; a great addition to stories because they direct your audience to your website or product page with just one swipe.

Be it product-related content, viral posts, user-generated content or branded stories, InVideo is a super promo video maker that can help with your brand promotion, brand awareness, and drive traffic in an efficient manner.

Instagram stories and continued success

The success story of Instagram stories has been an evolutionary one. In a great boost to brands, Instagram collects and sends analytical data to the brand to understand their metrics and engagement with users, helping them identify what works and what doesn’t.

The true parameter of success for a social media marketing tool and campaign lies in ensuring that it does not stagnate. Instagram has successfully achieved that through Insta stories. It’s one of the best and free marketing and engagement tools any brand could hope for. It’s perishable, yet memorable; fast yet long-lasting; creative yet advanced; instantaneous, and yet holds high recall value.


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