How to Have Fun Under the Sun


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Summer is all about staying outdoors to take in all that Vitamin D. There is just something about the bright sun and blue sky that invites you to step outside of your home and just frolic and commune with nature. Sunlight is also beneficial to keep your body in tune with the time, more sun and your body knows it is time to wake up and get moving. It also increases serotonin in our body hence yellow, the sun’s colour is often associated with happiness and positivity. According to studies, UV rays also contribute to lowering blood pressure.

How to Have Fun under the Sun

So, during the summers, pack up your gear, invite family and friends and have fun under the sun.


Adventurous and not at all afraid of heights? Conquer that mountain and hill hiking trail and marvel on nature’s beauty. Exercise those legs and expand those lungs by breathing in the fresh air. Find peace and solitude amidst dense forests and let the sights, sounds and smells of nature soothe your tired soul. Take pleasure in having a mind and body workout.  Studies conducted in 2015 stated that spending time in a natural environment and doing calming hobbies has a direct link to the part of our brain that is responsible for mental illness.

However, you need to note some of the dangers that you could expect while hiking. This ensures the best chance of having fun. The most obvious dangers you are at risk of are falling and experiencing injuries after slipping on rocks or branches. However, while rare, one of the lesser-known dangers is actually dog bites. As hiking is popular with dog walkers, you are likely to come across a lot during your time, but not all will be friendly, and not all dog owners will be in control of them, so remember this. If you can, avoid approaching someone’s pet while on your hike. If you find yourself the victim of a dog bite, it is important to visit to find out the next steps to take.


Another calming activity, recreational fishing is best enjoyed during summer when the sea or river is calm. Fishing might be boring for others because of the hours waiting for a fish to nibble on the bait but the serenity and the pleasure of companionship with another hobbyist, not to mention the excitement when one finally caught a game.


Cycling is one of those summer activities everyone will enjoy because it is enjoyable, easy going and inexpensive. Cyclotourism or the hobby of combining cycling with that of tourism or sightseeing is popular among family, friends and couples. This recreational activity is for the purpose of discovering new landmarks, places of interests and beautiful sceneries. This is different from that of long-distance cycling since it is mostly done for leisure not a sport or competition hence the appeal it has on the young and the old.


This activity might require some equipment and experience but once you get the hang of it, it is kind of addicting. The activity does give kayakers a chance to exercise their arms by paddling front to back on one side of a sit-on-top kayak then the other in succession. With the popularity of this activity during the summer season, kayak trips are arranged for kayakers to sightsee aquatic animals such as dolphins and manatees that children will not only enjoy but also find educational. This ecotourism initiative is also beneficial in raising awareness with the preservation of all seas, oceans and all marine life.

Engage in any of the activities for a lasting memory of a fun and delightful time. When the days are long at the time of the summer solstice, take advantage of the opportunity to travel, explore and enjoy the outside. Get a tan, eat a watermelon, drive with the roof down and experience the wonderful exhaustion of being under the warmth of the summer sun.


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