How to fix Norton Error 3038, 104?


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Norton antivirus is providing us their quality services since 1991. It is one of the leading software which you see in today’s cutthroat market. The continuous updating of their security software in regular periods is being the reason that they are successful in securing your data from the hackers or cyber criminals out there. You can also start over your Norton product by using Norton key for superior protection of your device.

How to fix Norton Error 3038, 104

Even though you can face many problems at the same time using Norton product. Error 3038, 104 and norton error 8504 104 is the whole problem which can occur at any time. You can solve this by following some of the easy steps given below:

Step 1: Run live update

  1. Start your Norton product. Go to my Norton window, click on the open, which you see next to devise security.
  2. The main window opens, double click on the security, and then click on the live update.
  3. After finishing Norton live update, click on the OK button.
  4. Run live update till you see the message on the screen, “Your Norton product has the latest updates.”
  5. Exit all the pages and restart your computer.

Still, your problem remains unsolved, follow our next step.

Step 2: Download and run the Norton remove and reinstall tool

In case your computer has Norton family installed, uninstall it before running down the Norton remove and reinstall tool.

  1. Download the Norton remove and reinstall tool. On the desktop windows save the file. On some browsers, file saves to its default location which is in downloading history.
  2. Press Ctrl+J key on your keyboard for the opening of the downloaded file.
  3. Double click on the NRnR icon.
  4. Read the license agreement and click agree.
  5. Click on the remove and reinstall.
    If your Norton product is from your service provider, then you will see remove button.
  6. Click continue or remove.
  7. Click restart now.

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After the restart of your computer, follow the instructions to reinstall your Norton product.

Reasons behind Error: “3038, 104”

There are numerous reasons by which this type of error emerges, some of them are;

Incomplete installation: Many times it happens that you did not install the complete setup of your Norton product, so this problem is standard in Norton antivirus.

File deletion: Almost all the files save in C drive. After installation of software, we delete the tiny files without checking it which we thought of no use, and this is also the reason of showing an error.

Corrupt download: The file which you downloaded for Norton antivirus may be corrupt then definitely it shows an error.

Symptoms of error “3038, 104.”

There are plenty of reasons why customer faces this issue, but before any severe casualty, your system starts showing symptoms which user may fail to recognize.

  • For a short period, your computer screen will freeze.
  • Because of error, your desktop will function slowly and poorly.
  • Unable to have access to your device.
  • Continue arriving of Norton error displayed on your screen.

In my opinion, Norton is the best antivirus software for the protection of you and your device from any threats whether it is new or old. So move out of your house and buy the Norton product today.


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