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The growth of technology cannot be ignored in any sphere of life and today everything is getting done online from sending invoice to customers through platforms like Zintego and we cannot deny the growing craze for online shopping and social media in this world too. Today everyone is conscious about their social networking accounts irrespective of the age and class. Social media has become one of the most important parts of everyone’s live in current scenario. Instagram is the major part of these networking sites where you can share pictures and videos with your friends easily. In this way you can feel connected to the people who mean a lot to you but it is hard to find time for them. The count of your Instagram followers is a symbol of reputation and status of your profile and its popularity. That is why every person wants to keep a clear record on the people who are following him and when they starts Unfollow. There are several apps designed for this purpose known as best Unfollow apps for Instagram. If you looking for any such app then here are top ten best android Unfollow apps for the Instagram that are going to help you to have a control on your followers and unfollowers.

1. Follower Tracker for Instagram App to keep an eye on the followers and unfollowers

Follower tracker for Instagram

One of the best apps that is, follower tracker for Instagram is catching every eye among the Instagram lovers who want to know about their followers who suddenly starts Unfollow. Every time a person Unfollow the notification is received by you and you can also unfollow him back to take the revenge. This is because many people try to raise their count of the followers by following everyone and then the person on other side starts following them back, they cleverly unfollow them. But this Instagram unfollowers app free of cost and give the best effective results to the users.




2. App Unfollow and ghost followers to manage Instagram followers

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

There are many ghost followers who are keeping a watch on your Instagram profile without letting you know about it and others are unfollowing without any reason can easily be catched by this app. If you find large number of people doing this then the help for mass Unfollow Instagram can be beneficial for you.




3. Followers chief App for Unfollow the people who are not following you

App Unfollowers for Instagram

You must have observed the thing that some people do not follow you back to whom you are following without any reason. But in an Instagram account where lot of people are following you and you are also following them it is hard to find such unfollowers easily. That is why an application is needed to keep a track on it. The Followers chief app works effectively for this purpose this app to unfollow on Instagram is very helpful and authentic as well.




4. Keep a watch on your Instagram followers with the App Unfollowers for Instagram

Followers chief App

App unfollower for Instagram is working in a perfect way to unfollow the people on Instagram. In fact this is the best Instagram unfollowers app where you do not have to put much effort to Unfollow the large number of people in one go. Just make sure that no one can make you fool on Instagram where you are following the person and he suddenly stops doing the same.




5. Unfollow for Instagram app to know about Instagram followers

Unfollow for Instagram app

If you do not have any idea about the best Insta unfollowers app then just install Unfollow for Instagram anytime and know about the analysis of your Instagram account on regular basis. Those who are using their accounts from a long time becomes able to manage lot of Instagram followers and it becomes hard to them to unfollow every person manually who is not following them back. But the above app allows this in the form of mass Unfollow to the followers easily.




6. Unfollowers and followers analytics app for Instagram lovers

Unfollowers and followers analytics app for Instagram

A complete research data on the followers and unfollowers of the Instagram is given by the unfollowers and followers analytics app to its users. If you have that much of craze for the social networking sites like Instagram then this is crucial for you to increase your activities with the help of this app. You can also take a total control on the followers and unfollowers by a ping message come in the form of notification every time a person Unfollow you.




7. Follow cop app to spy on the people who unfollow you cleverly

Follow cop app to spy

This is especially designed and developed in such a way that it effectively works like that of a cop for the Instagram. Whenever you are unfollowed by a person sudden notification is received instantly on the app. It is difficult to find such applications to manage your Instagram account when you love to be a social bird and find it difficult to get time.




8. Insta follow App for the records about your followers

Followers on Instagram app

If you want to have a glimpse of total count of your followers on the Instagram and how many of them are being followed by you then this Insta follow app is best for this purpose. Easy and skilful maintainace of entire records cannot be seen in any other app that much easily as this app provides you.




9. Tracker for Instagram to track the followers easily

Insta follow App for the records

This is another app which is also used for the same purpose by the Insta lovers and the functions of the app work on the same principal where it becomes easy to track the people following you and you can also unfollow of follow them in bulk. The app is going to give you a unique experience altogether.




10. Followers on Instagram app for the tracking of people following you back

Tracker for Instagram

You have the choice to use any app to control and manage your followers and unfollowers of Instagram including followers on Instagram app as well. Those to whom you want to remove from your following list can easily be unfollowed by just single click through this app.




So try out these apps and get the best experience for using your Instagram account without any trouble.

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