Geolocation: Key Benefits for Smartphone Apps


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Geolocation API, which is an interface to receive location information, is often used by websites through web browsers to gather various types of customer data. However, businesses with smartphone apps are among the leading beneficiaries of this interface. Here are two main advantages provided by geolocation API for smartphone applications:

Geolocation - Key Benefits for Smartphone Apps

Geo-Based Notifications: More Customers, More Sales

By providing the exact location of the customer, the geolocation API allows a smartphone app business to increase its mobile app revenue, mainly through notifications. This is because the notifications become more targeted in their content, providing offers and discounts relevant to their respective region

Customer Data

Good geolocation API technology can attract valuable data from customers that use the app. This includes the number of customers who have visited a certain location, accepted discounts and offers and what the details of their profiles are. On the long run, this can help the business strategic its next move for profitability and utilize customer data to provide more relevant content

Tracking Facilities

Geolocation API provides customers with the ability to track their shipments and deliveries as they are processed. This also allows them to rate the app based on that tracking service, which can give businesses a real-time picture of their end-user satisfaction.


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