Should You Keep Your Loved One’s Ashes in an Urn?


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Cremation has become a popular option with many families when saying goodbye to a loved one. Yet, it is common for some people to be unsure about what to do with a family member’s ashes.

Should You Keep Your Loved Ones Ashes in an Urn

Storing or scattering ashes is a personal decision for you and your family, and there are various options to choose from once you receive a relative’s remains.

You are likely familiar with the purpose of an urn, but you might be unsure if it is the best option. Continue reading to learn if you should keep your loved one’s ashes in an urn.

Consider Your Loved One’s Wishes

Many people commonly make a request for their ashes in their will. For example, they might request their remains stay in the family home or are scattered or buried in their favorite spot or destination. If they didn’t make a request, talk about the option they would likely prefer with your loved ones.

Think About Your Wants and Needs

Consider your wants and needs to decide the best place for a loved one’s ashes. If you hate the thought of parting with them, it might be beneficial to keep their ashes in a beautiful urn, which you can store inside the home.

You can pick from many unique, durable urns from, which provides many designs to reflect your loved one’s life. It will be a beautiful final resting place for your partner or family member.

Keep Them Close By

If storing the ashes in the home is too upsetting, you always have the option to bury them in a stunning spot. It is recommended to pick a biodegradable urn as burial urns for the ashes. There are too many of them available in the market easily. When burying ashes to protect the planet. It will provide you and your family with a location to visit to remember a loved one who passed away, which could vary from their favorite area in the garden or a cemetery. Talk with your other loved ones about potential spots before making a decision – they might think of a spot you hadn’t considered that works for everyone to easily visit.

Turn The Ashes into Jewelry

If you want to keep the ashes and ensure they are everywhere you go, you could carry them with you by turning the remains into a stunning piece of jewelry. Creating bracelets, rings, and necklaces will only require a small amountof ashes, so you could create pieces for various relatives or keep the rest in an urn. It will allow relatives to carry a loved one with them throughout their lives.


There isn’t a right or wrong way to care for a family member’s ashes. Unless they have made a request in their will, it is your choice as their closest loved one to decide whether to store their ashes in an urn, scatter them, bury them, or turn them into treasured jewelry.

If you cannot bring yourself to part with a loved one’s remains, keeping them inside a beautiful urn is a great way to celebrate their life while ensuring they remain in everyone’s thoughts each day. If in doubt, talk to your family about the best way to store, scatter, or bury the ashes.


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