Frequent Picnics to the Beach Make Your Brain Healthier


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Many studies say that holidays have significant benefits for health, both physically and mentally. Going on vacations to several exotic places, for example, on a picnic to the beach, makes the mind more refreshed. In fact, your brain is also healthier by watching the waves, playing with seawater, and doing other activities on the best beaches in cornwall.

How did it happen? According to studies, being near water reduces depression. The view of the blue sea also triggers the brain to be calmer, which increases creativity. This is why picnics to places like beaches, rivers, and lakes make you much more at peace. The study also explains that exposure to seawater can transfer negative ions. As previously known, when you inhale negative ions, the serotonin hormone in the blood can decrease and cause a relaxing effect and widening the airways.

Frequent Picnics to the Beach Make Your Brain Healthier

The sea view is calm and unique, providing its sensation that makes you think that nature is so vast and beautiful. A vacation to the beach can give different phenomena related to relaxation and improved health. Please look after your family, especially your little one, considering that this activity can increase creativity and good brain development.

Are you planning to take your family for a picnic on the beach? You can do the following picnic tips on the beach to keep everything safe and happy:

Get sunscreen

Protect skin by using sunscreen SPF 30, which contains zinc oxide or titanium. Also, choose water-resistant sunscreen. Reapply every two hours. If it’s not water-resistant, reapply it after you sweat or play with water. You should apply sunscreen one hour before sun exposure. “The amount of use that is recommended varies, depending on the surface area of your body. But use at least two tablespoons for the entire body surface, including the face.

Don’t get dehydrated

Dehydration can happen very quickly in hot, humid weather, especially for children. If they complain of being thirsty, they are not adequately hydrated. Make sure the child drinks water every 15 to 20 minutes. We also recommend that you wear clothes in bright colors to get too hot and quickly become dehydrated. If you drink alcohol while at the beach, drink enough water, as alcohol can also cause dehydration.

Come early

Those who want to bring babies or small children come early to the beach when the atmosphere is still quiet. Going to the beach early makes us enjoy the atmosphere even more because it is not crowded yet, and when the sun starts to get hot, you are already in the room.

Choose a corner near the lifeguard

Again, if you are bringing children, choose a corner of the beach near the lifeguard for mutual safety. You can tell the child to ask the guardian for help if you and your little one are separated.

Bring healthy food

Of course, there are lots of fatty, unhealthy beach snacks, such as ice cream, fried shrimp, pizza, chicken fingers, and so on. To get around this, bring healthy food that you make yourself. Or more practical fruit. Fruits are always reliable because they hydrate you.

Picnic to the beach is fun. You can play in the water, swim, or see the blue sea view. As a bonus, you will also get benefits in terms of brain health. While there is time, take advantage of your empty schedule for vacation for the sake of your health and your family. Not only is the light good for skin health, but beach sand can also help improve skin health by removing dead skin cells. Have you ever felt that playing in the sand or lying on the sand is fun? If so, this is because the wet sand has a soft texture that can exfoliate the dead skin cells on your body. Then, the sand can also make the skin smoother and brighter.

Many studies say someone will be happier when in warmer weather than cloudy or rainy. Naturally, sunlight can indeed make humans more comfortable than rainwater. It’s not just the sun that makes you happier. The waves and the sound of birds on the beach are also believed to calm the mind and make people with depression feel better. Not a few people who are anxious and stressed will go to the beach for natural “remedies.”

Who says sunbathing on the beach only gets “burnt” and burnt skin? The facts prove that sunbathing on the beach can also lose weight through the sweat that comes out. This is equivalent to sitting in a sauna but more naturally and enjoyably. Besides, going to the beach also makes you move a lot more than just staying indoors. Going to the beach will usually involve physical activity, such as swimming, jogging, surfing, or playing water by the beach. Those are some of the health benefits you can get when you go to the beach on vacation. To stay safe, don’t forget to bring personal medicines and other medical supplies.

Before going to the beach, you have to know what items to bring while on vacation to the beach. The following items must be taken while on vacation to the beach.

Sunblock. Vacationing to the beach is indeed fun during the summer and sunny days. But you don’t want your skin to be burnt and burnt due to sunburn, do you? So so that your skin does not get burned by the sun, use a protective skin cream or sunblock. Apply sunblock to all parts of the body starting from the feet, hands, neck, back, face, and other factors exposed to the sun.

Hats and sunglasses. Hats and sunglasses can support your appearance to make it more stylish. In addition to supporting the arrival of the hat and sunglasses, it can also protect the eyes and head from sunburn. So you will not feel dazzled when you are on the beach.

Swimming equipment. Of course, you need to swim when you are on the beach. So don’t forget to include your swimming equipment in your luggage list. You can bring a swimsuit and snorkeling gear.

Flip-flops. Footwear that is suitable for wearing while on vacation at the beach is a flip-flop. Flip flops allow you to have free activities on the beach. Because if you use shoes, the shoes can get wet and dry for a long time. Besides that, seawater can also damage your shoes. So use flip-flops.


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