Reasons to Have a Foldable Bike


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Of the many options out there that are available, many people may regret that the folding bike they bought did not match their preferences, especially when compared to the various other folding bicycle options. Moreover, there are only the latest folding bikes that may suit your preferences or needs. To get the best foldable bicycle singapore, you can visit our website.

The price of folding bikes from famous brands is indeed higher. However, if you value design and quality, choose a bike from a brand you trust. In addition to its pleasing appearance, you can find its uniqueness that only these well-known brands have. Apart from looking good, its performance is also reliable. Many products from famous brands prioritize user comfort and good durability. That way, this branded bicycle is suitable for those looking for a durable product. You can choose a casual bike model for traveling around the city to a unique bicycle for sports.

Reasons to Have a Foldable Bike

Used bicycles have been discussed a lot lately because of their affordable prices. These days, used bikes are also sold online, making it easier for you to buy them. However, you will not be able to see the cycle in person. If you want to buy a used bicycle, check the actual condition of the bike carefully. Some shops have online stores and offline stores. In that case, it’s best if you check the product online before going directly to the offline store. If you really can’t see the bike in person, try to find out the details of its condition. You can request detailed photos or call the seller directly. However, if a used bicycle is not much different from the price of a new product, it’s better to choose a new one.

If you’re going to take the folding bike on public transport, you’ll need the bag too. Just because the bike is foldable, you can’t just carry it onto the train, mainly if the pedals or wheels stick out. With a container that fits the size of the bike, you won’t have to buy another bag. However, if they are not available, you can try using a regular bicycle bag.

The essential thing in choosing a folding bike is to adjust it to your needs and comfort. That way, a tiring trip will be more memorable and enjoyable. Apart from being a mode of transportation, having a folding bicycle is also an excellent hobby. Here are some reasons why having a folding bike is such a fun hobby.

1. Practically carried everywhere

Folding bikes have a smaller size than conventional bikes. Besides being smaller, the weight is lighter. You can carry it around more easily. Folding bikes can also be brought onto the MRT buses and trains.

2. Flexible and easy to store

Ordinary bicycles force you to park them outside the room. Unlike the folding bicycle that you can bring into the room or keep it near you. So, you don’t need to worry about the existence of a folding bicycle.

3. There is always a reason to use it

Going to the office or daily activities on a folding bicycle is cool. You can go anywhere on the foldable bike because it’s practical, flexible, and easy to store. So, there is always a reason to carry it around.

4. Good exercise

Riding a folding bicycle is also a great sport. You can exercise in the midst of your busy life by going everywhere on a folding bike. Your health will be maintained when you routinely go on a folding bike.

5. Make you up-to-date

The term “bike to work” is increasingly being promoted by many people, including the bicycle community. If you want to follow this trend, then you have to have a folding bike first. Besides not adding to pollution, you will definitely be the center of people’s attention because it’s really cool.

6. Acceleration Faster

One of the advantages of folding bikes is that they can accelerate quickly, compared to normal-sized bikes. This is because folding bikes have a lighter weight, making them easier to ride quickly.

7. Cheaper Maintenance Costs

Because they are designed to be easily folded when not in use, the majority of folding bike structures are designed to be resilient. This makes the folding bike easier to maintain and does not require large maintenance costs.

The first factor that you should consider is choosing a folding bike based on its type. Basically, folding bikes are more efficient and practical to carry around, and their function among other folding bikes is actually the same. What distinguishes perhaps is the type. There are city tours or mountain folding bikes. There is a type differentiation between local, indie, and well-known brands. For bicycles that have a major differentiation in terms of brand, generally folding bikes from well-known brands have a more attractive design and higher quality and stronger main components. But don’t worry because each brand has its own unique design. Just mix it with your taste and also pay attention to other types that are your preferences such as transmission gear types, electric-assisted, compact models, main components, additional accessories, other features, and their durability.

Basically, the smaller the size of a bicycle tire, the easier it will be to fold and carry around. Because the essence of folding bikes is simplicity and practicality, consider the size of the folding bicycle tires that you will buy smaller and lighter. Normally, folding bicycle tire sizes range from 14 to 20 inches. The smaller the size, the lighter and easier it to fold. However, the smaller size of the folding bicycle tires does not guarantee a comfortable ride. Therefore, strive so that the folding bike you want to buy has a size range of only 15 to 18 inches.

One of the highlights of the buying guide is price. Indeed, when it comes to price, almost everyone agrees that price determines quality. However, that does not mean that the more expensive the price, the more quality a folding bicycle will be. This does not apply. If you find two folding bikes with similar components and quality at different prices, consider buying a cheaper folding bike. In terms of quality, it won’t be much different, but you can still save a lot of money to buy complementary accessories, right?


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