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Setting up a business, whether big or small, can be challenging. There is a lot of uncertainty involved in the world of business. They range from taking loans, resigning your current job, and so on. There is more to business than having capital. The interested business person should research the market demand, the targeted customers, and the expected profit. Many other things must be considered before setting up a business. It is also important to note that your newly set up business might not pick up and nourish immediately. It will take some time.

Having business ideas in mind will help you come out of your comfort zones. Just the other day, covid19 struck and left many people jobless. A few people took advantage of the situation since it created some business opportunities to invest in. some turned out to be the best covid19 PPE suppliers and manufacturers. They produce different products like masks, gloves, and even sanitizers. The list below might give you the best idea to work on.

1. Beauty parlour

Every woman would like to look young and beautiful. Women visit beauty parlours regularly throughout the month. It’s one of the best ideas to start up a beauty parlour to meet their daily needs. A beauty parlour doesn’t necessarily mean that it deals with doing client’s hair alone; other services can also be provided in the parlour. Some of the services offered are manicure, pedicure, fixing eyelash extensions like the starseed Korean silk lashes which are the best in the market, skincare, and many more. If you are thinking of starting an eyelash extension business, make sure to use premium quality lash pillows to provide your customers with the utmost comfort.

Beauty parlour

Apart from making your clients look beautiful and feel confident, you will also be growing your innovation skills in the process. Expanding on your social skills is also an added advantage. A few legal requirements must be met for you to start up a beauty parlour in Australia. You need to apply for an ABN ( Australian Business Number); this allows you to make and receive payments from other businesses. You also need a local council permit to enable you to run your business.

2. Food And Accommodation Business

Services under this category include restaurants, social buildings, fast foods and takeaways, bars, motels, catering, and many more. These services have been commonly used by people not only in Australia but worldwide. Food is a basic need; no man can live without it. Friends and relatives would meet up in restaurants to have lunch or dinner together. It is a busy place to invest in and expand your revenue.

Food And Accommodation Business

Before starting up any business, you must have a few legal requirements from the government to operate your business efficiently. Firms in this industry will be required to have licenses and permits depending on their services, including COVID-19 work health safety. It is a business that will come up well and grow big when run by effective management.

3. Private Health Care

Health is one of the basic needs of human beings. Everyone would put it as a priority over everything else. Small businesses in this industry include ambulance services, dental, physiotherapy, and general practice medical services. It is not a wish for someone to have a health problem, but we keep doing our best to remain healthy. Health care services have become primarily used currently due to this pandemic.

Private Health Care

Australia’s healthcare system is mainly funded by Medicare (health insurance scheme). Medicare can be accessed by Australian citizens, and permanent residents with a set amount are subsidized to cater to most health services. For private health care, medicare will cater to 75% of the total services rendered to the patient. It is an excellent industry to invest in since it helps save a life in your business.

4. Wholesaler Trade services

This is another business that has started becoming popular in Australia. Popular ideas in this industry include cereals and grains, hardware, timber, liquor, soft drinks, and pre-packaged food wholesaling. They facilitate large-scale production and distribute the finished products in bulk. They can transport and ship at a cost to deliver the products intended.

Good customer relations will help retain your customer base and increase revenue volume in this industry. Producing quality products is another factor to be considered in this industry, and good quality products have an upper hand to be re-ordered by your retailers. You can use other methods like giving discounts for products purchased from a specific limit to have your retailers order more from you after-sale services are also essential tips to consider to retain your customers. Licenses and permits from the government are legal requirements to allow you to run your business smoothly. Give it a try.

5. Farming

Farming is also one of the significant activities taking place in Australia. A good percentage of food production comes from Australian farms. Farming entails a lot of activities like crop farming, livestock farming and even fishing. All these types of farming are prevalent in Australia. It is advised to try any of the farming that suits your desire.


You can start, say, vegetable farming as your primary business as you expand more in other farming ideas. Vegetables will grow faster when managed well using fertilizers and good irrigation. It is a business that has a good return for your capital invested. Try it out soon.


For a business person to prosper, some rules must be adhered to. You should not exaggerate the profits on what you sell or the services you provide. Quality products sell more. It is wise to focus on quality products in order to expand your revenue. You should also understand that competition is healthy in the world of business, give it your best and there will be no regrets. You can read about business and technology to gain more knowledge in that field.


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