After the Big Crash the 2 Big Cryptocurrencies to Worry About


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Cryptos are trading lower now due to TerraUSD’s collapse. It is also Bitcoin’s most volatile week in the last two years. This current cryptocurrency crash was mainly triggered by the financial attack on Terra, the stablecoin that is supposed to match the US dollar. But it is now trading at only 18 cents and LUNA its partner coin subsequently collapsed, visit: It is crucial to note that this wipeout of TerraUSD, the algorithmic stablecoin, and LUNA its sister token knocked over $270 billion off the sector of crypto with a total value of trillion dollars. The crash of Terra LUNA has caused worries regarding the next leading cryptos that may crash. Similar to LUNA, it is very difficult to make such a prediction. Moreover, in many cases, coins are seen to move all at once. So after the LUNA crash here are the two big cryptos to avoid.

After the Big Crash the 2 Big Cryptocurrencies to Worry About

LUNA was not the only victim within a week where cryptos fell by 30%. Yet few cryptos started to recover to some extent. But it still represents a loss of a total of seven days or more than US dollar 500 prompting existential questions regarding the market’s future.


  • It is one of the biggest blockchains worldwide.
  • WAVES token is having a market cap of more than $797 million.
  • This coin is popular. It has been used for building the few most popular items in this decentralized industry.
  • Some of the most well-known apps in this ecosystem are Waves Exchange and Vires Finance.
  • The huge concern about Waves in Neutrino that is its algorithmic stablecoin is having close similarity to Terra USD.
  • This coin was having a few serious issues in the last few months.
  • In the month of April, it lost its peg and then crashed to 33 cents, its all-time low.
  • This coin is now also below its parity and has led to major concerns that it will be also losing its peg in the coming few months or weeks.
  • If it happens again, we may see a huge sell-off of both Waves and Neutrino.
  • The price of Waves has almost crashed by over 88% from its highest level this year.


  • It is one of the most well-known cryptos worldwide.
  • Similar to Terra, it is too one of the biggest coins globally.
  • It has a market cap of over $1.9 billion.
  • The main difference between Terra and Cardano is that it is never associated with a large stablecoin.
  • Cardano’s main concern is that its ecosystem is lacking.
  • ADA is valued at more than $19 billion, its DeFi ecosystem is having a total value locked of more than $130 million.
  • Critics will be pointing to the fact that the ecosystem of Terra had a TVL of more than $30 billion at its peak.
  • Yet investors should get worried as Cardano seems to be a ghost chain.
  • It is having no meaningful project in the ecosystem.
  • It is despite the fact that it began in 2015.
  • It looks like investors were worried regarding Cardano for some time since its market fell from over $91 billion.


At this point, the response of the investors will be the key to the crypto’s future. The comparison of this crash to a conventional run on the banks had led to panic and despair. Thus investors may do more harm and no good. A more perfect comparison is with the crash of the stock market where investors are worried that the stocks or shares they hold may soon become worthless. Learn more on what coins to invest and what not on Bitcoin smart

Reaction to such a crypto crash suggests that a huge section of cryptocurrency holders see their investments similarly. A lot of people are investing in crypto as they believe that it will make them rich. Such a belief has been shaken. Yet another motivation for crypto investing is the belief in their nature of transformation. It is the idea that crypto will eventually replace conventional forms of all financial exchange. For different investors, any increase in a crypto’s value is a demonstration of the crypto’s increasing power over conventional money. Yet likewise, a major decline in the crypto’s value is not a monetary loss, but rather an ideological one.


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