A Comprehensive Guide to the Annual Spring Clean


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There are good reasons to deep clean your house at regular intervals; pathogens can be present in furniture, while carpets and curtains conceal dirt and grime, which can have an impact on you and your family’s health.

In this short article, we outline the process of deep cleaning your home, which you should do every year to keep your living space fresh and pathogen-free.

Equipment you will need

In order to spring clean your home, you will need the following:

  • Cleaning equipment – Cleaning solutions, cloth, dusters, scrubbing brushes, scouring pads, buckets, bowls, brooms and mops. Dry paintbrushes are great for adjusting intricate mouldings and other hard-to-reach places. Dust actually collects on every single surface
  • Protective equipment – Old bedsheets to protect furniture and floors. Large plastic bags for waste.
  • Stepladders – Anything about head height requires a solid pair of aluminium stepladders. Using steps means you can clean all ceilings with a feather duster.
  • Vacuum cleaner – Essential that you vacuum the carpets on a regular basis, while a deep-clean demands a professional approach, especially when carpets are concerned. A carpet cleaning company can do the entire house in a couple of hours, leaving your carpets clean and fresh.
  • Waste disposal – Hire a small skip for the weekend and that should be enough; it is surprising just how much ‘stuff’ we accumulate; device packaging, old gadgets that no longer work and the many other things that end up never being used, just taking up space in the spare room or garage. If you have a few old tyres in the yard and that old kid’s bike is not worth restoring, now is the opportunity to get rid of stuff.

There are alternatives, however, you could contact the professional house cleaners in Northern Beaches and their team will have your home spotless in a single day! They specialise in end-of-tenancy cleans and they have all the resources and equipment to turn your house into a new pin!

Create a plan

You wouldn’t invade a country without effective planning; the same goes for a deep clean of the home; decide who is going to do what and work as a team. Here are a few house cleaning tips that might be useful. Work room by room, with the first task being to remove small items of furniture and put away all breakables and ornaments, then cover furniture and carpet with sheets, after that, open the windows and dust the ceiling, especially around light fittings. Dust all walls, wipe picture frames, then leave the room for 15 minutes for dust to settle. Carefully remove the protective sheets and shake them outside and the room is ready for cleaning.

Most Australian homeowners call in a professional house-cleaning contractor and while they are away for the weekend, their home is being deep cleaned. Whatever you decide to do, spring is the best time to clean the house, ready for the summer.


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