A Brief Overview, Exploring Powdered Drinks


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Most people will think of liquid when they are thirsty or, hear the word drink, the idea of a powdered product probably doesn’t come into the equation. However, they are certainly something to consider as they can help to provide important nutrients and save some space in your cupboards. They are especially handy if you are going on a trip and space as well as travelling light is an important factor and although powdered drinks aren’t new, the variety that is available is really impressive, increasing all the time.

A Brief Overview, Exploring Powdered Drinks

Healthier than ever before

Sugar and/or maltodextrin were the main fillers in popular powdered beverages in the past, however, consumers and potential buyers of powdered beverages today are more likely to want products with higher nutritional content and fewer ingredients that are detrimental to health. Natural ingredients are being used more and more by powered drink manufacturers for a number of reasons, the great thing is that, now you may well be able to consider a powered drink that you may have overlooked in the past.

No doubt, you will have seen a steady increase in the number of advertisements promoting things like powdered drinks and supplements on things like social media. Health and fitness are more important to people these days, as such there are a larger number of people undergoing regular exercise or training of some kind which has encouraged the development of thing like workout powder supplements.

Because of the increased interest, the beverage industry is embracing powdered formats that provide dry, functional beverages with wellness advantages similar to those found in ready-to-drink products. Some companies offer a mix of sweetened or unsweetened products with a mix of choices, including powdered juices and teas that come in various forms. The main changes have been the elimination of things like artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives, yet still being able to offer around a quarter of the daily requirements of things like vitamins A, C and E, needed to keep us fit and healthy

Further advantages

Manufactures of dry powder drink mixes are heavily regulated, as most industries are these days, as such the additional environmental and consumer benefits can’t be overlooked.

  • Packaging waste is reduced. Powdered beverages have an advantage over bottled ready-to-drink beverages because of the rising effort to decrease plastic single-use bottles.
  • A longer shelf life is a plus. Beverage mixes also have a longer shelf life than single drinks because powdered nutrients breakdown at a slower rate than liquid nutrients.
  • Easier to ship and store. Ready to drink beverage stake up more shelf space than powdered food and beverages, making them harder to store if you have limited space. With the increase of logistical processes, mainly due to fuel costs, the relative ease and low cost of transporting powdered beverages is also a plus.
  • They are convenient and portable. Powdered drinks are now easier to transport and protect than ever before, thanks to sachets and other light and moisture-resistant packaging alternatives.

Ingredient considerations

Be sure to check the packaging for a list of ingredients, you may, for example, require a gluten free product or something that doesn’t contain anything that might spark an allergy.


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