6 Amazing Wedding Poses Perfect for a Dreamy Wedding


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Wedding pictures are a way of capturing the precious moments and framing them into lifetime of happy memoirs. Wedding photography is about capturing the true festive colors of the wedding. Gone are the days when wedding photography was only about the traditional style. Over the decades the wedding photography concept has undergone through a revolution.

Traditional wedding poses with shoulder shots of the couple has become an outdated concept. A perfect couple picture is what makes a great wedding album. The wedding is the most awaited day in a couple’s life and the wedding poses and pictures aptly justify their joy. Are you tired of the same old wedding poses? Planning to get hitched in Chandigarh? No matter which wedding photographers in Chandigarh but the wedding poses is what adds oomph to your wedding album. So here are some amazing wedding poses that would add oomph to your wedding. Whether you are hiring wedding photography Brisbane or any other location you need to keep these basic poses in mind to look fantastic and turn your pictures memorable for lifetime. A good pose can turn a picture into perfection very easily.

1. Royal Shot

Royal Shot

Found your prince charming? Give a royally ever after to your wedding by opting for the royal shot. Allure in the old world charm with the classic royal shot. The royal shot adds on to the wedding finery and makes a evergreen royal portrait perfect for the hanging on the walls. The signature royal shot has the groom standing behind the seated bride along with a mesmerizing smile on their faces.


2. Melodramatic Moments

Melodramatic Moments

What is a big fat wedding without some drama and melodramatic moments? The melodramatic moments induce a little bit of drama in the wedding pictures. The nakreys of the bride paired with cool dude attitude of the groom is what adds the much intended drama and fun factor to the melodramatic pictures.


3. Black and White

Black and White

Remember the vintage era when the black and white photos had gained on much popularity. The black and white photography has made a comeback this wedding season. The timeless beauty paired with the depiction of stark emotions is what makes the black and white photography enchanting. Swing back in time as you opt for the vintage inspired black and white photography.


4. Walk Together

Walk Together

Char Kadam Bas Char kadam…. remember the popular song from the Bollywood flick PK that captivated the young hearts with its charm. Be its Virat and Anushka or Priyanka and Nick the star studded wedding of these power couples from the tinsel town of Bollywood that turned heads towards them. The limelight of their wedding was their together walk in style. Why not you opt for the same pose at your wedding? The walk together pose gives the couple to spend some quality time together along with capturing the saga of their love. Be it a hand in hand stroll by the beach or a walk on the in the lush green hills this photography pose adds a dash of romance to your wedding album.


5. Filmy Pose

Filmy Pose

India is known as the land of Bollywood and why not be it as it’s our own film industry. Bollywood runs in the blood of every Indian and is like egg and jam of our life. The B-town has always inspired us with their signature couple poses . Draw inspiration from them and replicate it to create your own wedding movie. The filmy pose would help you to show your #couplegoals and also aid in leveling up your wedding.


6. First Look

The First Look

The first look pose dominated back in the 80’s but its charm has caused it to make a massive comeback this wedding season. The first look wedding picture is when the eyes of the couple meet for the first time on the day of the wedding. The first look captures the emotions and expressions on the face of the couple as they catch a glimpse of each other on their D-day for the first time. The moment is priceless and is worth the capture which is why the first look photography has gained much popularity. You can also hire adelaide wedding photographers for best photoshoot.

So these are a few popular wedding poses for the couples. Which pose are you bookmarking? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.


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