Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Space


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We all enjoy seeing homes on television and in magazine ads that have perfect yards. These yards seem like they have so much more space than they actually do and are designed to draw the eye away from the small space and onto specific focal points. You can do the same thing with your yard no matter what size your outdoor space may be. Here are some tips for enhancing your outdoor yard space without having to purchase more property. With proper care and maintenance, your stucco retaining wall will combine beauty and function and will allow you to enjoy your sloped yard worry-free.

Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Streamline Your Desires

When designing your outdoor space, it can be enticing to include every idea that pops into your mind, but what actually ends up happening is an overly cluttered space without any discernable definition to the space. Basically, it will be a mess. Instead, streamline your ideas into what is most important to you. Do you want to emphasize a water feature, pathways, or have a completely multi-functional space for all your outdoor activities? Take a good look at the space and only include what makes you truly happy.

Think About Portability

It is a great idea to include features such as outdoor kitchens and firepits to maximize your outdoor space, but you have to consider exactly how much space you truly have. Instead of devoting large parts of your yard to permanent structures for firepits, kitchens, etc., consider the many portable options. You can still have a substantially useful outdoor grilling area and firepit location without completely taking over the space. Trust us when we say, there are times when you will want everything and times when it will get in the way, so it is best to enlist portable, functional options for features in your outdoor space.


The eye is a peculiar thing. When looking at a flat surface, it will give the perception of a very small area. However, when presented with various layers in an outdoor space, even the smallest yard will appear larger. Add depth with retaining walls, terraced gardens, and various horizontal interest pieces. The more layers of interest your yard has, the more interesting and larger it will appear. However, this is another area where it can be overdone, so ensure you are adding true interest and not merely clutter.

Choose Furniture Carefully

Your outdoor furniture should be visually appealing and provide a glimpse into your personal style. You want comfortable furniture that meets the needs of the space and provides a place for everyone to remain comfortable, but the style and size of the furnishings means little if they are not functional. One of the best ideas for maximizing your outdoor space is choosing furniture that can be multipurpose. Many patio sets offer increased storage space beneath tables and chairs and additional seating can be allotted with storage benches and comfortable cushions throughout the space. The more multifunctional your outdoor furniture is, the less cluttered your outdoor space will look.

Store Boats and RVs

Boats and RVs are great when they are used regularly, but face it, you are not going RVing or fishing every weekend throughout the year. There is a distinct season for these activities and during the rest of the year, the vehicles are just in the way cluttering up your yard. Store Your Boat or RV to help maximize your outdoor space. RV and boat rental spaces are easy to find in most areas and offer protection for your vehicle without negatively impacting your outdoor space. Additionally, for those who care deeply for their boat or RV, climate controlled options allow you to rest easy knowing your vehicle is perfectly safe and stored at the perfect temperature. Prices on storing a boat or RV for the season are among the most affordable they have ever been and you can get back to enjoying your yard once again.

Use Lighting Features

In certain areas, using your outdoor space when the sun is out can be completely miserable. Contending with temperatures and heat indexes in excess of 100 degrees is impossible at times, but once the sun goes down, your yard can be your oasis. Generally, your outdoor space might be lit by a simple porch light, but that is not enough to truly enhance the space. Consider adding string lighting along fences or install polls to drape lighting from. The right lighting turns an average outdoor space into a night time dream everyone can enjoy. Evening parties offer the chance to enjoy time with neighbors, family, and friends without fear of a sun burn.

Do Not Be Afraid to Add a Personal Touch

You are far more creative than you give yourself credit for and it is time to utilize that creativity to bring interest and depth to your outdoor space. It is important to look at things differently than what they appear. For example, simple terracotta pots can add a beautiful aspect to your outdoor space. They provide a great place to plant flowers and bring color to your yard, but unless your space is devoted to a more natural color pallet, they might stand out as an eye sore. However, a simple coat of paint or pattern painted directly on the pot can add a whole level of customization and bring the entire outdoor space together more cohesively. No matter what you purchase, look for ways to customize it to your liking to make your space truly your own.

Designing an outdoor space can take a lot of time and consideration for your individual desires. Having a plan on how to approach the design is the first step you need to overcome. Even if you are not a skilled artist, draw out where you want things to go and what colors you wish to emphasize. Even though you are using magazine adds and HGTV programming as your inspiration, you must remember, each of those designs started with a plan. You will not be able to achieve the right design without a quality plan, so start with drawing things out and do not be afraid to draw out multiple designs and pick which one you like best.


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