Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy Post-Birth


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Pregnancy can be a very hectic period in the life of a woman as her body undergoes numerous changes both hormonal and physical. The body can become unhealthy and unfit due to never-ending intake of medicines and lack of exercise. Delivering a baby can be one of the most challenging experiences but at the same time, it provides a route for the body to revert back to a healthy being.

Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy Post-Birth

● Walk daily

Walking is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle because it helps in postpartum recovery. Walking also tones the muscles and brings the body back in shape. It’s the first step towards exercise and prepares one for the harder parts of it. It makes the body active after a long period of inactivity which prevents the body from becoming unfit as your body will gradually gain stamina. Change in the environment after a gap has positive effects towards recovery.

● Take up exercise

Start exercising gradually. Do not rush into exercises or do not exercise copiously nor do start with hectic routines as your body is slowly recovering. You can do kegel exercises that will help in toning your shape and muscles. You can also perform light stretching but make sure you don’t go beyond a point where the body starts to ache. To learn more about body exercises and how the body reacts to them, get in touch with ObGyn at Rockwall office which helps you in picking out exercises beneficial to you.

● Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural way of getting your uterus back in the pre-delivery shape. It promotes a rate that is fast enough to help in weight loss. But do not forget to check with a lactation consultant who will help in letting you get required information.

● Diet

Take care of your food intakes as it’s really important for a mother to get a proper diet because a healthy lifestyle is initiated by a healthy diet. If your uptake of your proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories is fine, only then is your workout going to have positive side effects on your body.

● Activity

Handling a child after its birth can be really challenging and sometimes the mothers are neglect-full of their own health and devoted all their time to the kids which results in deterioration of a mother’s once fit body. So in order to keep yourself fit, it’s important for the mother to be active and work for herself.

● Environmental change

A new age way is to get along with other new mothers and work with them, this can be done in areas like parks etc. where a place other than your own house can help you be mentally fit due to a change in the surrounding. Take care of your mental well-being and be more positive about the progress as well as the birth so you don’t feel burdened by the duty of the children.

Bottom Line

Keeping yourself fit following child-birth does not include physical well-being only. It includes being in a good place mentally. The period of childbirth can be really challenging for the mother because she has to look after the baby and that means-a disturbed night cycle, disturbed food intakes and having no time for one’s own self but it’s really significant for the mother to take care of her own self and her body and get back into shape. These are some of the ways which we think are vital for one to get back in perfect shape after childbirth, however, we don’t suggest following the methods without medical consultation.


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