4 Crystals to Help You Heal


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Crystal therapy is a very old style of therapies. It is a holistic treatment that involves using gemstones and crystals to heal your body. The crystal stones have been used since centuries to heal the emotional, mental and physical body. Every crystal has a unique healing property that is used to match your energies and vibrations. Crystal healing is an alternative therapy that removes blockages, negative energies and emotions from the body and mind. The crystals can either be worn or used on and around the body. This therapy has gained a lot of popularity in the western world, and even some celebrities use crystal therapy to heal their mind and bodies. It works with the seven chakras of the subtle body and balances out the energies. You can also keep crystals in your pocket and feel the energy driving in your body. It is very easy to clean your crystals and should be done often. You can leave them out on a full moon night or use special cleaning cloth and solution. Although every crystal has a different energy, all of them work only to emit positive energy for you. Here are examples of a few Aus Crystals that can help you to unblock your energies. Also another term, Ringworm, related to skin infection may be helpful to care when someone is affected. Some stages of ringworm healing can make you understand how to be stress free.

4 Crystals to Help You Heal

1. Turquoise

This blue colored humble crystal is known as the master of healers. It is believed to be the connection between heaven and hell. Turquoise is known to bring calm, peace and satisfaction in the wearer. You could look for spiritual stores online and easily find a turquoise stone delivered to your doorstep. But, before you buy this stone, you must find out its credibility and not just go for any stone. Turquoise is also known to turn an introvert into an extrovert. If you have been struggling for basic socializing and interaction, this master of the healer is your go-to stone. It is believed to be even more effective if somebody presents the turquoise to you as a gift.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is a protective and powerful stone. It guards you against psychic attacks as well. It brings spiritual awareness within your mind and body and helps you stay positive. It helps o give you a sense of calmness and peace. Amethyst is also a natural tranquillizer and helps to release stress, tension and worries from the mind. It also protects you against bad moods, fear, anxiety and depression. Amethyst is also known to help an addict embrace sobriety in life and become healthier and happier. It also helps you become more focused on life and increases your overall concentration. It is also known to improve the immune system of the body and help you fight against diseases. Amethyst has healing properties that keep the hormones balanced and also improves the metabolism of the body.

3. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone of self-courage, self-respect and inner peace. It controls the heart chakra and helps you become more compassionate and loving. It is a semi-precious stone but has its own healing properties. It brings rejuvenation and renewal in the body and mind. Aquamarine is a beautiful blue-colored stone that is known to calm you down, help you cope up with trauma and bring positive vibrations in your body. It also helps you let go of the past and accept the truth and present circumstances. Aquamarine is also a great stone to get into a deeper meditative state and bring more positive energy.

4. Green Amber

This humble stone is known to have a lot of healing properties. It is known as the mother of healing stress and other anxiety issues. If you have been feeling stressed at work or facing other personal conflicts, a green amber is the best stone for you. It is a great stone for people who often get attacked at work and have to communicate or deal with difficult people. Green amber helps to bring a sense of positivity and gives you a brighter future. It is also known to keep the love between couples intact and keep the spark alive. Green amber is a stone of love and joy and only brings peace in your mind.

5. Coral

The red coral helps to bring courage in you by overcoming your fears. You can wear the coral either as a pendant or as a ring. It protects you from the devil eye and increases your vitality. If you are suffering from heart diseases, a coral is the best stone for you as it improves your heart. It is also a great healer for people who face cough and other respiratory issues. Coral is said to heal all your diseases that are associated with blood. So, coral is actually a healer of all negatives and illness and only brings positivity, peace and courage. It is also a good stone for diabetic patients to keep their sugar level in check.


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