The Benefits of Freight Shipping


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Freight is a term that is commonly heard but do you what it means? Freight is the transportation of goods in bulk via land, sea or air. The products are packed in boxes, crates, and containers and then transported by various means of transport.

Crates and pallets are often used for easy loading as well as stability and protection of goods. Perishables are delivered via refrigerated trucked. Goods that are shipped by sea are usually transported in shipping containers. Individual aviation pallets are used for air transportation to protect against extreme temperatures, moisture, stress, and vibration. You can also use 3rd party warehouse for storage of your goods.

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The Benefits of Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is important in getting goods to a destination on time and safely. Below are some of the benefits of freight shipping:-

1. Transporting of large items made easy

Large or bulk items that are too big for regular mail delivery can be shipped using freight service.

2. Safe and Secure

Freight shipping is one of the safest options of shipping and loss or damage of goods are rare with freight shipping.

3. Cost flexibility

The main reason for choosing bulk shipping is to save costs. Cost flexibility is one of the main advantage of freight shipping because it allows the shipper to find options that work best for their budget. The shipper can choose whether to spend less or a little more to get what they need.

The Different Modes of Freight Shipping

There are many types of cargo transportation, for example, groupage, complete, intermodal, partial, and expedited.

  • More extensive than a truckload is known as LTL and is created for an import larger than a parcel but does not require a full truck trailer distance. LTL is typically used for shipments weighing between 150 and 15,000 pounds.
  • Complete Truck Load (FTL) means the transport of bulk or pallet loads large enough to use the entire trailer. Shipping typically exceeds £15,000. A full truckload is cheaper and reduces the risk of damage to the load as less reloading is required than LTL.
  • A partially loaded truck is a great choice when shipping is over £ 5,000 or 6 pallets. This choice allows the freight forwarder to split the truck price among different shippers, often leading to cost savings.
  • Intermodal describes the transportation of goods using a combination of trucks and rail. Besides, it can include various modes of transport, such as rail, ship, or truck. Rail transport is a proven method of transportation that reduces fuel consumption and lowers prices.
  • Expedited Cargo is for urgent shipments where the cargo needs to be delivered quickly. Expedited loads are often transported by air or road.

How To Get A Shipping Quote

If you would like to get a quote for your cargo, check out the online shipping marketplace like Shiply that helps to connect shippers with rated transportation companies. Instead of scouring the internet searching for the perfect transportation company, Shiply allows the services to come to you. All you have to do is just fill out a simple form with the necessary information and get your shipping quotes via email. You can then compare the quotes and also look at the reviews of any services for peace of mind. You will be able to see how cheap it can be. Choose the one that best suits your requirement and have your next shipping job started right.

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