The 5 Things that Made us Fall in Love with Santa Fe


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Santa Fe is the capital of the state of New Mexico, it is the oldest and highest capital in the United States (2,133 m above sea level). The city is characterized by its architecture and adobe houses, captivating with their unique style.

It is also part of the Navajo nation, which encompasses territories of the states of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, home to the largest native tribe in the United States. So, as you can imagine, it is a more authentic city, with a lot of personality, where you can appreciate the art and culture of the natives.

The 5 things that made us fall in love with Santa Fe

Although it is small, it seems to be bigger for all the activities it offers. You need several days to meet and enjoy it. You should stay at La Fonda Santa Fe if you want to enjoy Santa Fe to the fullest.

What do we get to do in two days to fall in love with that city? Here I tell you everything.

1. Tour the Canyon Road galleries

Did you know that Santa Fe is the city with the most galleries per square meter in the world? It has about 200 galleries, its famous Canyon Road is a case of surprises, there you can spend hours visiting gallery after gallery. It seems that all are concentrated in a single street, but no, while you walk it you find large open areas with more galleries and sculptures. One of my favorites was that of Jean-Claude Gaugy.

2. Learn a little history in the Palace of the Governors

One of the most famous historical buildings in the city. The visit is very interesting, since it tells the story of Santa Fe, the state of New Mexico, the Spanish conquest, among other things and you can see objects of the time.

4. Visit the Cathedral of San Francisco de Asís

A very different cathedral in terms of art. The wooden altarpiece of the altar is beautiful, very colorful, you can perfectly appreciate the indigenous influence. Look at all the paintings in the church and you can see the difference. Do not miss the statue of the virgin ‘La Conquistadora’.

Outside the cathedral there is a very beautiful sculpture of the native saint Kateri Tekakwitha and a maze where the following message is read: “The path of the labyrinth is like the path of life. There are twists and turns, feelings of being lost, encounters with others during your journey, the emotion of accomplishment in the center and sometimes a flash of intuition before returning.” Beautiful, isn’t it?

5. Go Shopping

If you like jewelry, here you will go crazy. Especially with all the jewels with turquoise that you can find, very characteristic of the Navajos. Navajo rugs are also beautiful. It is also a good place if you want to invest in good works of art.

Santa Fe is considered one of the best cities for shopping, in fact it has the largest Indigenous Market in the United States, where some 1,100 artists representing 100 tribes sell their collections.


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