Surfing Locations in Maldives


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Maldives is one of the most popular travel locations in the world. Known for its beachy landscapes, fantastic waves and incredibly friendly community, Maldives has it all. Located in the north-central Indian Ocean, south-west of Sri Lanka, Maldives consists of approximately 1200 small chain coral islands and sandbanks (200 of which are inhabitable) and is a pricey yet rewarding holiday destination.

Surfing Locations in Maldives

For most surfers, experiencing the waves in Maldives is definitely a bullet point on the bucket list. With a whole heap of surf points, all accommodating to different levels of surfing skills and expertise, Maldives is the perfect place to live out your surfer dream!

The Male Atolls

The Male Atolls is a popular surfing spot, due to its consistently large waves and south swells. Best to visit between April and October, the Male Atoll’s brilliant waves are formed by winds blowing from west to south-west. Despite the strong winds, the island reef chain and surf breaks will still remain clean, as the coastline is well protected.

Surfers can take shuttles out to the breaks to reach the prime rich wave zone, but need to be wary of the potential crowds of surfers and tourists. The Male Atolls sports a few popular surf spots, such as Chickens, Cokes, Guru’s, Honky’s, Jailbreaks, Kate’s, Lohi’s, Natives, Ninjas, Pasta Point, Riptides and Sultans. Honky’s in particular is famous for its world class waves – with consistent long, left-hand waves (with the potential to double in the second section). Similarly, Sultans’ fast-right hand waves are also popular amongst surfers and tourists.

The Central Atolls

The breaks at the Central Atolls are less popular than those in the Male Atolls and South Atolls, but are of superb quality nonetheless. As such, if you’re finding the beaches and surfing hotspots at the Male Atolls and South Atolls too busy for your taste, head over to the Central Atolls! The waves here are far more beginner-friendly and forgiving, so they’re best for a relaxing time.

A few surf spots in the Central Atolls include Muli, Mulhaku Rights and Lefts, Veynah, Adonis, Finnimas, Malik’s, Mikado, Bedhuge, Isdhoo, Mada’s, Mahibadhoo, Tsunami’s and Yin Yang. One of the easiest left hand pick ups on the islands is ironically located in Tsunami’s. The waves at Tsunami are fun for all surfers, starting off with a sweet barrel, a few exciting turns and then finishing with another barrell.

The South Atolls

The South Atolls is one of the most remote areas on the planet and as a result, is the perfect place for surfers to let loose. Although the charter boats to get there may be relatively expensive, the trip is certainly worth the money due to the brilliant east facing breaks during swell times. Surfing hotspots in the South Atolls include Castaways, Five Islands, Love Charms, Tiger Stripes, Two Ways, Gaukendi Bridge and Shangri-la.

With all these great surfing spots in the Maldives, the area is certainly one of the world’s best holiday locations. Tempted to book a surfing trip to the Maldives whenever travel permits? Make sure to prepare correctly with all the right surfing equipment!


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