Simple Things We Can All Do To Save Water


We all need water every day, which is why it is piped into every home. We drink it, we bathe in it, we use it to cook, to clean the dishes, to wash our clothes, and to water the garden, which is a whole lot of water when you add it all up! The average Australian uses around 100,000 litres of water every year, which is roughly 274 litres per day! It adds up quickly, and that costs us money, so what can we do to save water?

First off, make sure your home’s plumbing system is all in proper working order. Unseen leaks can cause untold amounts of expensive damage to your home until they are discovered, and the wasted water is just another expense you have to pay for. It’s well worth it to call your expert plumber in Newcastle in for an annual check-up to make sure everything is fine and fits down in your pipes, giving you some nice peace of mind. Here are some more useful tips for saving water, which also helps save the planet as an added bonus!

Running shorter washing machine cycles still gets your clothes clean, and saves precious water. Just set the washer to the shortest cycle and make sure not to add any additional rinse cycles, as well as use cold water unless it’s absolutely necessary to use warm or hot. The permanent press cycle is a real water and energy hog as it requires both cold and warm water plus an additional rinse.

Make sure your water heater is always functioning properly by scheduling annual maintenance for it to avoid the build-up of sediments. If your water heater is more than ten years old it’s best to replace it with a new, energy-efficient model, once again saving water and money.

Changing your shower routine can help save a lot of water. Although it can be a luxurious experience, taking a long hot shower twice a day uses up a great deal more water than you might think, as well as the energy cost of heating it. The average shower is estimated to last for 8 minutes and uses about 60 litres of water! It’s easy to reduce this amount by taking shorter showers and showering less frequently, but if you choose to do so make sure you do a proper job of it for the sake of friends, family and co-workers!

Turning off the tap during tasks like washing dishes and produce, washing your hands, as well as whilst shaving and brushing your teeth can save an amazing amount of water. Just fill the sink, do your washing, then empty the sink as you turn the tap back on for a quick rinse!

The Australian government is very concerned with saving water, check here for more information on the subject. Water is precious as well as increasingly expensive, so do yourself and the world a favour by being mindful of how much you use every day.


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