Road Accidents In The United States: The Coronavirus Impact On Driving


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Traffic fatalities remain one of the major concerns of the pandemic. Although the number of motor vehicles has decreased on the roads, the number of car accidents has increased exponentially.

Transportation and law enforcement have created a report stating that more than 500,000 have been killed in the pandemic, which is 8% more than last year in between t5he same time frame.

Road Accidents In The United States: The Coronavirus Impact On Driving

The steady rise in car accidents has left the transportation agencies confused that after promising to give the American high-quality road safety standard, the accident numbers are rising.

Most road accidents are happening due to the negligence of others. If you find yourself a victim of another’s negligence, you can contact a car accident in Decatur GA, to get the true value of your compensation.

Coronavirus Impact On Driving

The American road has always been a dangerous place. Every year, American road accidents cause more than 500,000 deaths. When the pandemic took America under control, transportation agencies thought it would reduce the number of road accidents.

However, instead of reducing the accidents, the number of accidents increased exponentially. The lockdown, travel restriction increased the telecommunication working during the state of emergencies.

The pandemic and lockdown reduce the traffic by 70% on the roads. This reduction in road traffic decreases the total number of trips on roads increasing the air quality. However, even though the record decreased in the traffic, we could not see a decrease in road ancients.

Road Accidents Contribute 10% Of The Total Death Worldwide

Long before the pandemic, road accidents represented a health crisis. In fact, if we represent this crisis in number, the total death toll is around 1.3 million per year. Road traffic deaths add 10% of the total deaths all around the world.

According to Decatur Car Accident Lawyer, Pedeteranin, cyclist, and motorcyclist amount to half of the individuals that lost their lives in road accidents. These statistics do not include the instant death right after the accidents.

Why Have Road Accidents Increased During Pandemic?

Usually, the major cause of road accidents is overtaking motor vehicles when there is a high traffic volume on the roads. However, this factor does not add up with the scenario when the number of cars has decreased by 70%. Then what could other factors be?

We have gone through some major accidents and have tried to find the major cause of the accidents. We realize that there is only one factor that can cause accidents even if there is no traffic on the roads, and that would be Speeding.

The risk of road accidents increases when motor vehicles cross a speed limit. During the national state emergency where lockdowns have been called, more than 70% of the road traffic dropped.

Despite being a good sign, it also signals the motor drivers to cross their speeding limits as there was far less traffic than other days. However, this adrenaline rush has only invited accidents and has increased the death rate by 8%.

Is There A Solution For It?

Yes, there is a solution, putting a restriction on the speed limits. The objective of restricting the drivers to have lower speed on the roads will ensure that they fully control their car.
One further change can be done to revamp the whole speed restriction thing. Instead of having 50KM/Hr, we can reduce the speed to 40KM/Hr. This will ensure that even if the driver is passing their speed restriction, they are well under a limit to have full control over their car. This will certainly help to reduce the number of car accidents.


Even after the lockdown, the number of road accidents has not decreased. This shows that it is not the institution or government’s fault, but it is our fault that we are oiling those 500,000 road accident deaths every year.

The pandemic has shown us the true factors that have been the pillar reason why so many fatalities occur every year. We must take lessons from it and move forward cautiously and correct our mistakes.


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