Reasons to Ramble in Samode near Jaipur


Rajasthan has developed itself as a tourist destination. The sole objective behind the development of Rajasthan lies in presenting itself as a best tourist place in India and abroad.

Reasons to Ramble in Samode near Jaipur

There are lots of tourist places to visit in Rajasthan and Samode is one among them.
People travel to Samoa for different reasons as the residents of Rajasthan and surrounding area makes it a pilgrimage to the famous Hanuman temple. Rich and wealthy people visit Samode for their businesses or to just chill out in the palate interiors of the Heritage hotels and Forts of Samode. Some travelers make it for the great place called Sheesh Mahal that is the palace of mirrors.

The Aravali hill area is another reason to ramble in Samode, where private Forts and the views from and in to the Forts attracts hundreds of tourists. The Hanuman temple is a very good place for the devotees of the monkey god that is Hanuman, although it lacks artistic and architectural beauty but it is a place for worship. Beside some private forts, there is a beautiful Palace called Samode Palace. It is a well maintained Palace where the royal family still resides. The beauty of the Sheesh Mahal and the durbar hall is not less than heaven on earth. Artistic work of the Sheesh Mahal is really wonderful!

The walls and ceilings of the Sheesh Mahal have work with Gold, Ruby and other precious stones and all this work is covered under glass. The Darbar hall is a great example of enamel work. The life of the Royals and their culture is shown with the help of beautiful paintings. Along with this there are paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Rama and Krishna. Not only the travelers but persons from India and abroad, came to see the beauty of Samode, particularly, the Sheesh Mahal. The shooting of TV serials and films generally takes place in Samode.

Actually the king doesn’t resides in the Fort but a noble family called royals, resides in the Fort. In this way the Fort can be said as a Haveli, which has a combination of Rajputs and Mughal style architecture. Besides this, there is a place called as Samode Garden to visit. Although it is a private garden for the royal family for their own use, such as a relaxation spot. If one is still interested in places in Samode, then there are Havelis called as Dhabhai and Shah Haveli. These are private properties but one can visit these Havelis with a nominal fees. The former Haveli belongs to the Yadavas and the latter one is the home of a Marwari businessman.

Govind Devji Temple is the spot for ardent devotees of the Lord and the real photographers. This Temple is famous for its architecture and Hindu rituals. Mahadeva Temple is the temple of Lord Shiva, it is considered as the wish granting Shrine. Devotees of Lord Shiva throng to Mahadeva Temple to pray to the God and to ask and to get their wish fulfilled. One can just wonder in and around the main bazaar of Samode which is a place for the shopping enthusiasts. Local handmade art and craft along with street food of Rajasthan can be tested in and around this market.

Nearby Samode one can take a look in the area called Shekhawati, which is a place of two to three towns and famous for its fascinating Havelis. This place is called as the open art gallery of Rajasthan. The nearby city to Samode is Jaipur which is also called as the Pink City, which is again famous for its splendid Forts and Palaces. Jaipur always dwells in the hearts of travelers because everything that requires to be a best tourist destination that is all present in Jaipur.


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