Keep Your Pet Dog Safe With a Cost-Effective Electric Fence


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You must be aware of the dog’s nature of high liveliness, whether it is a small size species or some bigger one. They are quite lively, and they would love to play any kind of sports with the master and anyone in his/her family. You have to love the instinct in the dog to make it more comfortable in your style of living.

Keep Your Pet Dog Safe With a Cost-Effective Electric Fence

This is the reason why you need your dog to be safe and secure within your house or yard. The dogs loving to play around can be found outside the home or home yard without being taken care of. Here comes the concept of an electric fence for keeping the dog safe within the boundary.

What is this system?

An electric dog fence system contains a transmitter, a collar, and a long wire to provide an electric shock to the dogs whenever they try to overstep the house’s boundary. The shock feels like a tickle at their skin, and they must be trained enough by the master to stay within the boundary.

The fence can be set up underground or aboveground as per your feasibility. You cannot choose a quality system without thinking about how much is an electric dog fence will pinch your pocket. You must research well before deciding whether you want to install the system or not.

You have to be careful in keeping your pet safe and secure, but you also have to be thoughtful about your budget issues. You cannot invest an amount that will cost you huge, and you have to cut the budget of your pet’s meal. The electric dog fence is comparatively less costly than the physical fences at your house.

Factors affecting the price of the electric fences for dogs

As a pet lover, you need to gather knowledge on different issues, and the factor of safety of your favorite pet dog is most important among them. You need to research a lot when you decide to install an electric dog fence system in your house or its boundary. You must start with your digging with the question of how much is an electric dog fence.

Eventually, you will find out the several factors that make the systems expensive and why the products differ from each other. These factors will provide some idea about the system to the potential customers who are pet lovers and have some in their homes.


If the system you are buying offers you a do-it-yourself option to install the system in your house, it must be less costly than branded products. These products are readymade and consist of some regular features with a limited wire to cover only one-third of an acre.

But if you buy a quality product where you can get numerous features and better products within the package, you have to spend some more bucks. The brand will also provide free installation of the system with expert professionals offering you solace.

Wire type

You can find the thinnest 20-gauge wire in most of the pre-packaged electric fence system packaging at a lower rate. But this wire is not enough for the safety measures. You need at least 14-gauge wire to make the system effective and durable for the system.

The branded and expensive system offers 14-gauge wires but sometimes uses copper wire to secure durability to the system they offer to make them a premium in the market. You have to be very careful about how much is an electric dog fence is costing you to keep your dog safe within the boundary and other services the pet requires for comfortable living.

Length of wire

The requirement of the length of the wire depends on the area you have to mark your boundary. A packaged electric invisible fence for dogs allows you to cover a 25-acre area. For further requirements, you have to buy extra wire to maintain the quality. So, you have to be careful about the budget issue.

You must be careful about the system, too, as you are investing money for the safety of your pet. The wire must return to the starting point near the transmitter on a loop to share the electric correctness to the pet. You must check the services if they are working correctly after installation and they pay the complete amount.


When you invest a handsome amount for installing the system in your yard to make the pet dogs stay within their limit to avoid external risks, you will look for some product that will stay longer, and you will get the service worth your money. But if the system fails within some years of use, you may find it hard to get another one soon. This accelerates the risk for the dog too.

You can be assured that the branded product will be durable enough. It contains better quality and thicker wire to control the electricity required and a good quality transmitter. You must also be sure about how much is an electric dog fence will cause in your pocket before finally ordering it.

Safety level

You can measure this feature in the electric dog fence when you gain knowledge about the rest. You get an idea gradually that with ready-made wholesale products, the safety of correctness will be minimal. In contrast, you will be secure and confident enough about the system’s effectiveness as well as it will be safe enough for longer use.

Size of the property

It is a big factor that can increase the cost at least 10 times as the larger the area of your boundary, the more wire you will be required to connect the system. You cannot skip some areas, causing a threat to the pet’s safety. On the other hand, for such long acres of land, good quality wires will cause you a good amount. Plan wisely for your pet and make sure you can continue with this huge organized system in the future.

Other factors

You need to teach or train your dog about the fence and how to react to it. If you insist on professional training, then you will have to pay extra charges. But if you are not a professional in this matter, the dog may fail to get the point exactly. You may have to keep the repair kits ready after the installation is complete for any emergency occasion.


Last but not the list is the collar you will tie up at the neck of your beloved pet dog. The collar must be of quality to get connected with the electric invisible dog fence for effective results. You should not compromise with this as this is the most important part of the system, and you will have to keep in mind the price. Moreover, you will have to change the battery in the collar every two to three months regularly.

Do read all the useful articles online or some publication that can help you in this regard and arrange the budget before you order the product. You must not bring a financial burden on you for this system, as you can be careful to keep your pet safe within the house. Affordability is a very important issue, and you can’t ignore that part.


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