Is My House Haunted? 4 Signs To Watch For


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About 46 percent of Americans polled believe in ghosts or the paranormal. With Halloween only a few weeks behind us, Americans are still on edge as the spookiest month of the year turns toward the festive season. More than half of Americans say they have encountered a ghost, leading many to believe their homes are haunted. The feeling that we are not alone has happened to most of us, probably more than we would like to admit.

Is My House Haunted? 4 Signs To Watch For

Something about these occurrences feels bone-chillingly otherworldly, but most of us brush these experiences off and continue on our way. But if living inside your home becomes increasingly more unsettling, there are a few tips to help you figure out whether you need to move or call the GE handyman.

1. House Issues

Whether you are living in an authentic New Orleans haunted house or just a New Jersey suburb, there are plenty of signs to watch out for while inside your home. Most people who have claimed they’ve been in contact with a ghost have shared some telltale signs. Some haunting symptoms include feeling the previous residents’ presence as they suddenly appear and disappear, hearing doors that randomly open and close, a freezer blast of cold air, or observing flickering lights and shadows with no discernible source.

2. Get an Opinion

So, who are you going to call for a paranormal opinion? While we all want to scream, “ghostbusters,” that is actually precisely who you want to call: a professional. Most ghostbusters will first try to find a logical explanation for what has been happening inside your home. After trying to debunk everything, they will then look into other possible explanations. If there was a cracking noise coming from your kitchen, they would first look at your countertop ice maker. A proper ghost hunter will review the ice maker sitting on your countertop and pounds of ice to see if the stainless steel machine is working correctly. Once the beverage dispenser has been checked out, they will then move on to other possible issues within the kitchen. A ghostbuster’s sonic equipment can pick up electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) that sometimes can help them figure out who isn’t paying rent and squatting in your home’s memories.

3. Distinct Odor

When you are sharing a haunted house with a ghost, there is one particular sign to watch out for: a distinct odor. These special smells are usually referred to as “phantom scents” and can’t be traced to a source. These smells are not to be confused with your leftovers from a week ago still sitting in the fridge. The scents are extremely specific, such as a whiskey, smoke, or perfume aroma. The particular ghost smell would not be typical for your home and would often stand out.

4. Environmental Changes

If your phone is always dying, you may be bunking up with a ghost. Any electronic form can be used as a power source for the paranormal, including a portable ice maker, any control panel, and a freestanding ice machine. While a few dead batteries may not mean a ghost is living in your house, it is good to take a mental note.

If the temperature changes abruptly, this could also be a sign of paranormal activity. This is an easy way for the ghost to get your attention in your new haunted attraction. Usually, you will find one particular cold spot, as this is where the entity is forming its energy burst.

Figuring out that your house is haunted may not be a damaging revelation. Most people can coexist with their spooky house guests and learn to live as one happy family. If any of these four signs pop up on your radar, you will at least have the tools to know what to do. Happy haunting!


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