Interesting Facts Brisbane Businesses Need to Know About SEO


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When you are planning to set up a business, you should set your sights on Brisbane. One good reason to start your business in Brisbane is that it is the nearest capital city on the eastern seaboard to Australia’s three largest exports; South Korea, Japan, and China. Another reason is that the Brisbane airport is less than 20 minutes from the city centre, which is great since new travellers who arrive will always look for something new once they land.

Interesting Facts Brisbane Businesses Need to Know About SEO

Besides Brisbane being the best place to start a business, you should also note that they cannot become successful without looking for the best seo companies brisbane offers. If you are new to using SEO for your website, you need to know it better by knowing the different interesting and important facts.

1. Rich snippets are not effective at changing your rankings

The first appearance of rich snippets started in 2009, and every business took advantage of it as quickly as possible. If you do not know what a rich snippet’s function is, businesses in Brisbane use it to catch users’ attention and provide them with a brief idea about a specific page on their website. The rich snippet is always found below the webpage’s title, and it provides an introduction or basic information about the product.

If you have your employees focusing on creating rich snippets to increase search engine rankings, that is where you are wrong because they do not affect your ranking, as stated by Google. They have mentioned many times that creating well-made and precise rich snippets will not directly impact your search engine rankings, and some businesses in Brisbane still fail to realise that.

However, just because it does not improve your website rankings does not mean that you should not focus on it. When users in Brisbane are trying to look for your website in search engines, they need to get details as quickly as possible, and rich snippets can do that. If a ton of results come from your website, users can quickly find the right product or service they are looking for because of the rich snippet.

Rich snippets will help your business get more website traffic, which will indirectly help increase your search engine rankings.

2. Google uses Search Evaluators to determine the quality of search engine results

Google is the most utilised search engine that everyone worldwide would use to search for something on the internet. Whether it be questions about baking or finding a specific product or service, they will always turn to Google. Brisbane residents who have extensive SEO knowledge are also aware that Google utilises different algorithms for ranking sites.

It also means that Google uses Search Evaluators to help them determine each link that pops up on the search engine results. AI’s are still not capable of identifying each result, especially when the search results vary for each country. The Search Evaluators will analyse each search result to determine if they are accurate and relevant.

Besides identifying the content, they also need them because other countries would use Google and get results in a different language. It is the reason Google hires several of them for each country.

3. Object identification in pictures help boost your rankings

When your website in Brisbane has pictures, you need to use high-quality and relevant ones related to the product, service, or the content of the page because Google is intelligent enough to identify the objects within the pictures. You should know that object identification is how Google ranks websites nowadays.

Usually, object identification can classify pictures into different categories, such as detecting individual faces and objects and reading and finding printed words included in the images. You can find many SEO companies in Brisbane that use object identification as it assists them exhibit metadata on the image catalogue, moderate derogatory content, and enable the latest marketing situations by image sentient evaluation.

4. Add a video on your home page

Another well-known method that most SEO experts in Brisbane would tell you to do is add a video on your home page. In most cases, placing a video uploaded from Youtube can help increase your website’s search engine rankings. Keep in mind that Youtube dominates most of the SERPs of Google, so it should not surprise you that many websites usually display videos uploaded from Youtube.

Brisbane users who visit your website with a video greeting them will always entice them. Anyone curious about your website would always want to check out the video, especially if it is a well-made one. And when the video is playing, it makes users stay longer on the page, which can positively impact your search engine ranking.

5. Duplicate content does not penalise your website

You might be frantically searching for duplicate content on your website because you are worried that it will negatively influence your ranking in search engines. You will be glad to know that Google does not penalise your website for having duplicate content. However, Google can penalise you if you have copied content on your website, so you can say that Google treats duplicate and copied content differently.

Users from Brisbane would always want something new to read, especially if they visit your website every day. It would be best to look for the best seo companies brisbane has to offer and hire one of them to help you get rid of the duplicate content and optimise your website.

6. Top-ranked search results have frequent Facebook activity

Ever since Facebook appeared on the internet, Brisbane residents started using them because of the unique features, including the like, share, and comment button. What you need to realise is that having more Facebook activity has a significant impact on SEO. If you plan on increasing your chances of being in the top search engine results, you will need to rely on Facebook more often.

To boost your rankings learn SEO business.

The facts mentioned above are only some of the many other methods you can use to achieve efficient SEO results. The best shot you have of achieving quality results is by hiring professional SEO companies in Brisbane.


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