Importance of Microsoft Office 365 in Education


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Office 365 was mainly introduced for business and office setups but if we research on it in depth, it is quite useful for education purpose as well. Both students and teachers can use it and avail the multiple benefits that it has to offer to the world. Are you still confused about what exactly is office 365? It is basically a set of subscription programs available for the users to make their work much simple to commence and also smoother. If you are still thinking about its importance and benefits, then you definitely need to read further.

Importance of Microsoft Office 365 in Education

No difficult tools

In office 365, you do not have to learn new tools and different tricks rather you simply get to use already existing tools like Microsoft excel, word, and other programs in a much smoother manner. Therefore, it is quite simple to use as well as saves time. However, in office 36 there are modified versions of the usage and according to your subscription level you can also check whether someone is editing the document or not and who it is, and other real-time checking options like these.

Easy to use

Microsoft word and excel is used by students on a daily basis and so it would not be much of a hassle to understand the working of office 365 you can simply get Excel training London which will make it easy for you to understand it. It does not have any new programs or tasks in which the students face difficulties to understand; it is able to be used conveniently exactly how the normal Microsoft office is used. Similarly, even if some teacher is not aware of how to use the Microsoft office programs, they are not too hard to be used in office 365 and can be conveniently learned and understood. So in that matter even, neither the teachers nor the students would face any kinds of issues and problems.

Easy to communicate

It offers a smooth process of communication for the teachers and students. Students and teachers do not need to switch through different platforms and software to ask a query or issue a command; all of the apps have its own communication and instant messaging section where the people using the software can easily communicate. It is a very important feature to have since students and writers at assignment writing service UK need to stay in touch for various different purposes, mainly for solving queries.

Easier to share large files

When students are in the process of writing a lengthy assignment or research paper, they often have to share large files and offline data with their group fellows and thesis advisor. It is not easy to share a large file through email and even instant messaging apps like that of Facebook. However, with office 365 the larger files can be stored in cloud and the other person can access it from their own device to read the file and get the required information. It makes the file sharing procedure much simpler and smoother.

Accessible at anytime and from anywhere

Offline files and documents are not accessible remotely. You need to be on the device in which the document or file is stored and otherwise you cannot access it unless someone opens that particular device and send the file to you via email or other source. However, with office 365, students can access the documents and files from anywhere remotely. All they need t do is to write the data on the app in office 365 and then have an internet connection to be able to log into their account and access the file. Hence, the accessibility with office 365 is just beyond amazing.

Single storage for all the data

In the older times, students and teachers used to save the data and their work in different places because they used to be working on different devices, and furthermore, because making multiple backups was the wise thing to do. Well, it still is a wise thing to do, but now there is a possibility of string the data on cloud from where you can easily access the data of years anytime and anywhere. In short, all of your work and data is stored safely and securely at one place without causing you much trouble.

Easy to stay organized

Office 365 has a different program for each different purpose. For instance, there is a different program for making lists and memos, and different software for making presentations this makes it easier for the students and teachers to stay organized and have everything properly aligned with them without mixing up different files and then facing a haphazard at the time of need.

Discussed above are some of the reasons why office 365 is really helpful in education. The students and teachers can avail various different benefits and ease by including it in their daily lives.


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