IB VS IGCSE: The Exact Differences Between the Programs


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Suspicious about IB or IGCSE curriculum? Wondering which one is the best curriculum for your kid? Well, now you don’t have to look forward. We are here to clarify the difference between IB and IGCSE to make it easier for you to choose. We understand that this can be making an educated decision that you as a parent needs to take rightfully. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you with our blog.

IB VS IGCSE The Exact Differences Between the Programs

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About IB Curriculum:

The International Baccalaureate IB is an internationally popular curriculum presented at schools in 153 countries. IB Test Papers are all known for their rigorous academics and their focus on evolving a global-mindedness among the students. The IB curriculum includes subject components like language, acquisition, communities, sciences, mathematics, and the arts. Each one of the subject categories must be individually signified as a part of IB. It enables students to think creatively.

Moreover, students are inspired by what they learn in the classroom and apply it to real-world situations. This all gives them a leg up on future academics and professional endeavors. In such circumstances, the IB program is an excellent choice for students who are looking for a challenging and well-rounded academic experience. The IB curriculum is recognized by top-class universities around the world and it can open doors to several opportunities.

About IGCSE Curriculum:

The IGCSE curriculum is also internationally recognized by certain exam boards like AQA, ED Excel, and Cambridge. The curriculum aims to expand students’ skills through critical thinking, problem-solving, and an independent learning approach. Students can learn how to manage their time and resources smartly to work collaboratively. The IGCSE curriculum places a major focus on developing students’ communication skills.

On top of everything, both school-going students & homeschoolers can enroll in the IGCSE curriculum. Overall, the IGCSE Curriculum lets students focus on educational opportunities for further study and future success.

IB and IGCSE: Overlook

Before we look forward to the differences between IB and IGCSE, it is necessary to look at a summary. The International Baccalaureate is a non-profit organization established in 1968 to cater to youngsters between 3 to 19 years. IB doesn’t have official exams, but it awards diplomas to students who meet their needs.

The following are the programs that IB offers:

  • Primary Year Program (PYP) for 3 to 12 years kids
  • Middle Year Program (MYP) for 11 to 16 years kids
  • IB Diploma for 16 to 19 years kids
  • Career-related for 16 to 19 years, kids

IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education level is administered by Cambridge International Examinations. IGCSE is currently the counterpart of the British GCE qualification responsible for preparing students for advanced levels like BTEC level 3 and IB Diploma.

The following are the programs that IGCSE offers:

  • Primary for 5 to 11 years kids
  • Secondary for 11 to 14 years kids
  • Second Secondary for 14 to 16 years kids

Difference between IB and IGCSE:

The IGCSE curriculum is normally compared to the International Baccalaureate’s MYP. However, here are listed some key point differences to support the comparison of IB VS IGCSE –

  • The IB is more comprehensive than IGCSE, covering a broad range of subjects in greater depth. It means that it provides a well-rounded education and prepares students for university study.
  • The IGCSE on the other hand is more focused and specialized. It covers some subjects in-depth, which can be beneficial for students who know what they want to study at a university level.
  • IB has been offering outstanding educational opportunities to its candidates in 153 countries. The MYP course is primarily for 11 to 16 years old. Cambridge International Examinations on the other hand credentials are valid in more than 160 countries.
  • IGCSE curriculum runs on a straightforward set of guidelines and won’t be molded by the administrative school. The IB program can largely be adjusted as per the requirements of the country’s culture.
  • IB & IGCSE are based on a yearly grading basis, while IB offers to learn in 6 different subject groups in a much more flexible way. IGCSE offers a choice of many different subjects.

Which curriculum is right for you?

It is quite difficult for students to choose the right curriculum for their kids. Although, we are here to give you certain guidelines that must re-think while making your decision. The IB curriculum emphasizes building a global approach and preparing students for university. It includes a wide range of subjects like arts and humanities.

The IGCSE is also focused on academic achievement and preparing students for exams. It includes a narrower range of subjects but goes into greater depth than the IB. Both curriculums are challenging and will prepare you for further studies. Although the IB curriculum is much better if you’re interested in liberal art education, the IGCSE might be a better fit to specialize in a particular subject.


Now that it comes to conclude the topic, it’s time to choose the right curriculum for children from IB or IGCSE. Both programs have their different pros and cons, but ultimately, it’s up to you to choose, which is the right one for your academic goals. IB is a difficult yet all-rounded program for some candidates. If you wish to be more academically focused, the IGCSE might be perfect for your kid. If you like to make your kid score great, Tribe Topper is the best education institute offering a bank of IBMYP Mock Questions and test papers. Make your kid score high with us.


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