Habits of Highly Effective Students


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At some point or another, most people in this world have been students. Whether you graduated high school, are studying at college, or are a student of life, there’s so much new and exciting information to learn about every day. When you are in the world of academia, things can often get stressful or seem overwhelming. There are so many classes and extra pressures that high school and college students face. However, there are some habits and techniques that highly effective students have in common.

Habits of Highly Effective Students

From planning tools to crossing off to-do lists, the best students are great at staying organized and prioritizing their tasks. They know how to set healthy boundaries and how to advocate for themselves. The best students are leaders who take their education into their own hands. If you’re a student, remember, you’re the one who is gaining the most from your education. Follow some of these tips and tricks of great students to help you make the most of your experience and handle all the pressure with grace and ease.

They prioritize organization

The best students are organized students, it’s as simple as that. If you are constantly forgetting things or falling behind on tasks because of organization, it’s going to be harder to catch up. Start with something simple. Get a personal planner that can help even a complete beginner get organized for academic success. You can design your own planner with custom templates, planning tips, and customization options. This will help you build the perfect planner that you’ll actually want to use to keep your days on track. This will be great for your academic calendar, but you can also include planner stickers for your workouts or meal prep. Find the customizable planner that fits into your life so every big day and small moment is more successful for you.

They’re looking for extracurriculars and ways to grow outside of class

Highly effective students are always looking for more opportunities for engagement and leadership. They search for extracurriculars that can help them grow in addition to their classwork. If you’re looking for more success and a different form of education, check out things like the National Honor Society or a club like Women in Business. These also act as networking opportunities for you to meet new people and take the first or even second step toward future jobs and relationships.

They are their own advocates

Another habit of highly effective students is to absolutely advocate for yourself. You deserve every opportunity, and it’s up to you to go out and grab them. If you need help in a class, ask the professor. If you want to apply for a specific internship, go to the career center and ask for help with the mock interview. If you want to be president of a club, make your intentions known. The most effective students know their worth and aren’t afraid to chase after what they want in big ways.

They prioritize rather than multitask

You may think multitasking is a skill, but it’s actually impossible. Highly effective students know that prioritization beats multitasking every time. Rather than trying to take on too much at once, learn to compartmentalize and set aside time for different things. This means you’ll be able to commit to that task and complete it in a more successful way.

They know how to set healthy boundaries

It’s easy for dedicated students to get burnt out after running full speed ahead for so long. For the best results, these students know how to set healthy boundaries. Don’t commit to things you can’t accomplish and set aside time to recharge when you need it.


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