How to Get a Good Price from Your Car Sale


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Selling a car is not difficult but getting the best price is neither easy. Whether you sell privately or through a dealer, you need to negotiate on the cost to sell your car. The car dealer never offers a price according to the value of a vehicle, and the individual buyers are sure to negotiate on the price.

It is difficult to get the best price according to the value of your car. However, with proper research, advertising and getting the necessary repairs can increase the value of your vehicle and help you to sell your car at the best price. This post shares the ways to get the best price from your car sale.

Get your car evaluated

Get your car evaluated

The first step to sell your car is to find its present value. To check its value, you need to get your car assessed by a professional. You can check the price guides, but you will get its real value on evaluation.

Also, check online classifieds websites and find a few cars similar to yours to see the prices their owners have listed. It is not essential to sell at a price that is equal to the evaluated value of your car. You are free to sell at a rate higher than the estimated value.

List your car for sale

After the evaluation of your vehicle, you need to list it for sale on various platforms. You can list it on free classified ad websites like Craiglist or with a paid advertisement on Autotrader or

Create a detailed advertisement by writing the details of your car like the miles covered, the condition of tires, insurance coverage and other information. Also, list the price that you want for your vehicle. It is better to price your car a little higher than its value as most buyers will negotiate on the price.

Most of the times, the sellers need to reduce the price and sell at a rate lower than the listed price in the advertisement.

Dealing with the buyers

Dealing with the buyers

As you advertise your used car on various platforms, you will start getting calls from the potential buyers who consider buying your car. Talk to the buyers and ask them to visit and see your vehicle. People who are interested in your car will agree to make a visit and take a test drive.

The potential buyers that come to check your car will take it for a test drive. You should tell them about the maintenance history and the actual condition of your vehicle. Understand their requirements, especially the price they are willing to pay and try to settle them between that price and the rate you want for your car.

Get the essential repairs

If there are faults in your car, you should get the necessary repairs so that it looks in the perfect condition. Your vehicle should feel perfect to the buyers during the test drive. The money you spend on the necessary repairs is worth the price you can get for your vehicle. Moreover, a well-maintained car is easier to sell as compared to a broken car. Get your car completely services including the replacement of faulty spares and fluids.

Cleaning the car

Cleaning the car

Give a wash to your car and polish it with a good quality auto polish to offer it a sparkling finish. Also, clean the interiors and upholstery using a microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaner, and upholstery cleaner. Make sure your car smells good. If your car is standing in your garage for months, it will smell bad, and you need to install an odor remover to refresh the interior space.

Share with your network

Every buyer wants to know the history of the car. It is worth to put your car for sale in your friend circle both offline and online. Tell your friends that you are selling your vehicle and also place an advertisement on social media like Facebook and Instagram. It is possible to find a buyer among your network of friends and colleagues.

Communicate the benefits

The entrepreneurs think that customers don’t buy products, but they fall for their benefits. It is essential to communicate the benefits of your car to potential buyers to get the best price. You should tell the benefits to the buyers in the advertisements and when they visit to test drive your four wheeler and have a look for the best spare wheel.

Tell them that your car is well maintained, clean, comfortable, non-polluting and regularly serviced. The more you communicate the benefits of your car, more likely the buyers will agree to buy your car.

Final Note
There are many things that you can do to list your car at a high price. The points mentioned in this post are the best tips to get a good price for your used car. Buyers are willing to pay a bit higher for a clean and well-maintained car that runs smooth and doesn’t need much repair work.


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