Reasons to Buy a Motorbike Instead of Buying a Car


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If you already own a motorbike then you won’t need any convincing whatsoever, in fact, there is every chance that you already use your motorbike more than you use your car. If you’ve only ever owned a car, then you may be in a mindset of wondering why on earth, you’d ever choose a motorbike over a car, especially when you consider things like safety and, the weather;

Reasons to Buy a Motorbike Instead of Buying a Car

Save money on fuel

For starters, when you have a motorbike then the cost of running the thing is a lot less than running a car. If you take into consideration how much extra weight you are carrying around with you when compared with a motorbike in addition to their weight vs. power ratio then the numbers speak for themselves.

An average town motorbike will likely do around 60 MPG which is a darn site better than most cars, including hybrid models that use a mixture of battery power and a combustion engine to help improve performance and efficiency.

The experience

There is nothing quite like the experience you get when you ride a Honda at Wheels Motorcycles, the thrill of the open road, a truly exhilarating feeling. Knowing that you are kitted out with the best of safety equipment, for whichever weather you choose to ride in, some gear is even designed for multiple types of weather conditions. The great thing is that you can be as conservative as you like or, as loud as you like, if you so choose to and your options are nearly limitless.

If you like the hot weather, then you can get breathable fabric safety gear that will keep you nice and comfortable or, if you like the conditions to be a little more challenging and, perhaps cooler then you can go for full on leather attire from neck to toe.

Value for money

Most people will have gotten used to their cars, in fact they might even be a bit bored with driving the same route, day in, day out and not even realize it. One of the most unique things about a motorcycle is that, because you don’t tend to get stuck in traffic jams as much, coupled with the feeling you get from riding a motorcycle, you will be more likely to want to use it. You will be more likely to want to go on an adventure trip when you have some spare time and explore, let your hair down and free your spirit.

Because of the positive mindset a motorcycle puts you in, you should get much better value for money when compared to your standard car. Especially, if you spend half of your time in traffic waiting for your turn to go through the green light only for when you get to the lights, they turn red.


Agreed, there are numerous manufacturers of cars with different colours and names, but unless you are spending a fortune, they don’t tend to feel that much different. With a motorcycle, you can really express yourself and go for a machine that will suit your needs and, depending on the style that you go for will depend upon how your ride feels.


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