How to Evaluate the Worthiness of Your Car Accident Case?


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Each accident creates a different impact and brings in entirely different circumstances to deal with. Therefore, assuming you might get compensated with a hefty amount similar to someone who faced a similar scenario as yours could be delusional. This is also why it is recommended to have an experienced car accident attorney in New York onboard.

The value of your car accident entirely depends upon the injuries you faced, the down the lane effects of the same, along with the medical expenses you had to bear, and the time already lost and would be lost in the near future.

How to Evaluate the Worthiness of Your Car Accident Case

Considering the fact that New York is a no-fault state and only in a few cases one could sue the party at fault, here are a few things that could help you evaluate the worthiness of your case. Have a look.

● Categorisation Under “Serious Injuries” As Per New York Legislation

Those undergoing serious injuries in an auto accident are allowed to sue the other party at fault. As per the New York legislation, the following are categorises under “serious injuries”;

  • Disfigurement
  • System limitation or any significant body impairment.
  • Loss of fetus
  • Permanent impairment of an organ or any body member
  • Bone fractures

Besides these, you are also eligible to file a claim if you have suffered complete disability for atleast 90 days or more beacuse of the accident.

● Related Factors

Your car accident attorney in New York will analyse all of the related factors addressing the mishap. Matters that might concern the significance of the claim may comprise the recuperation span, and the long-term projection.

Besides this, the activities of the at-fault party also hold significant importance while addressing the mishap. Therefore, the attorney also takes this into account while valuing the rightful compensation amount.

● Car Accident Impairments

In New York, the settlement received for a car accident, tagged as impairments, might also include:

  • Medical expenses, both current and forthcoming
  • Related treatment expenses for recovery
  • Income lost due to injuries
  • Damage possessions
  • Non-economic damages like emotional anguish
  • Pain and suffering due to accidents
  • Wages or salary lost due to injuries
  • Consortium lost

While some of these damages are economical and, therefore, can readily be evaluated, those that cannot be expressed in the monetary form are subjectively assessed.

Out of the two, the pain and suffering resulting from the accident make up most of the share of compensation. While a time insurer applies a set formula to determine a compensating value, there is no such bar to make up for non-economic damages.

Summing Up With The Right Person On Board

If you have been a victim of such recklessness or have known someone undergoing such a situation, make sure you reach out to an experienced car accident attorney in New York for justice. Reaching out to an experienced one would not only help you walk down the right path but also let you have the correct amount of compensation.


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