How to Design Your Bathroom for a New Look


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Redesigning your bathroom is a task that should not be taken lightly. A bathtub, modern toilet, vanity units, double vanity units, shower curtains, tiles, storage space, and your budget are just a few things you would have to keep in mind before beginning. You would also need to tailor the design based on the space you have so that it can be fully optimized.

How to Design Your Bathroom for a New Look

Lighting is one of the things that cannot be ignored. You would need to plan the remodel from one point to another so that you have a clear picture of how everything is supposed to be. Make sure you clarify your expectations to the contractor before you finalize anything.

Before beginning, there are a couple of things that you should not forget.

  • Budgeting: Keeping a tight budget during renovation can save you a lot of expenses. Once you fix a budget for a specific aspect of the remodel, you would need to keep in mind not to stray from it.
  • Researching: This is something that will add to your ideas and will help you achieve them. Once you begin researching, you will realize that the world is your horizon. You can choose from the many bathroom remodeling aspects from bathroom remodel in Burnaby that you like to redesign your own bathroom.

When you are done with these, this is how you can design your bathroom for a new look.

The Walls

The color of the walls will decide the feel of the room. Whether it is tiled or painted, the walls of the bathroom will set the tone of the room and will lead you to choose which accessories go well in the bathroom. You can also choose wallpaper, but it might not go well with moisture. Think of patterned tiles and a pop of color if you are going with a paint job.

Change the Position of the Toilet

A friend or a toilet exterior design will tell you that the first thing they want to see is not the toilet when they enter a bathroom. The positioning of the toilet is important because your bathroom is much more than a lavatory. In case the bathroom door is left open, you do not want the guests to keep seeing the toilet each time they pass your bathroom.

Whether you do it for aesthetics or practicality, strongly consider repositioning your toilet while you are designing your bathroom. Put the toilet in a corner rather than the center and ensure that the focus is drawn to anything other than the toilet.

Include Artwork for Aesthetic

This is not a necessary step because it might not be a feasible step for small bathrooms. But if you have space on your walls, consider adding some artwork to your walls to add a bit of color to the bathroom. The artwork does not have to be expensive. It just needs to be attractive and should match your bathroom interior. You can also opt for wall hangings or some trinkets collected from your travels on a separate shelf in your bathroom. This will help your plain walls come alive. One small tip: Keep these away from the shower area as water can damage the art pieces.

Storage Space with Style

Whether the bathroom you are designing is small or large, there are bound to be some expectations when it comes to storage. You can increase the storage space in your bathroom without having to sacrifice the way it looks. You can add more stage space in your bathroom by opting for alcoves in the walls of the shower area, which will not compromise space.

When it comes to storage in the rest of the bathroom area, consider shelves that go with the aesthetic or the bathroom. You can opt for sleek or statement pieces and have them installed on the wall where they keep out of the way.

Go for Green

Green is a color you will rarely see in a bathroom. There is often the pristine white or the classy black and grey finish to bathrooms that everyone has grown accustomed to. If you would like to do something different, consider adding succulents or small plants in the bathroom. While succulents are low maintenance and are mostly for aesthetics, plants are a bigger responsibility.

Consider a small plant in your bathroom only if you have a window that gets sunshine. Watering the plant would be a non-issue, and since you have a source of sunlight, it would be an excellent place to keep plants. You can choose to place the plants as you like around the bathroom to add that extra pop of color.

Statement Light for the Win

Lighting is an aspect of redesigning that just cannot be ignored. You will have to get an electric connection at the point of your choice. You can choose a statement light that will go well with the design of the bathroom and hang a statement light. The bathroom will look simplistic yet decorated with style. The bathroom remodel will get a final seal with a statement light that ties the design together.

Replace Old Valves and Pipes

Redesigning would mean changing everything from the base to the top. If you feel there are changes that will prove convenient in the long run, go for them. If the pipes installed in the bathroom seem old and corroded, then you can replace them with new ones whose quality you can check beforehand.

The same goes for valves. If you are changing the pipes, do not stick to the same old valves. Opt for new sio valves that are quality controlled and are made to last. With numerous varieties to choose from, valves can help you with the flow of water in the bathroom.


Whether you are going for chic or classy is your choice. What matters is how you execute your plans. You can design the bathroom you dreamed about if you follow these few tips and tricks to make your bathroom stand out and be aesthetically pleasing.


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