How to Fix Paper Jam Issue in HP Printer


HP printers are well-known for their high-quality outputs, reliable performance, versatility and higher amount of prints in very less amount of time. But the issue can arise when there is a paper jam in your HP printer which can be due to various reasons. Some of the reasons are unknown to us and they need to be looking for to resolve them. This may require a technical support which can be easily availed from HP printer support. This will allow you solving issues with HP printer with an immediate response.

How to fix paper jam issue in HP printer

There can be several factors which can give rise to paper jam issue. Here we have mentioned some of them:

  • Overfilling the paper tray.
  • Inappropriate positioning of paper.
  • Bad quality of the paper.
  • Using torn paper for printing.
  • Dust or dirt on the paper or on the printer.
  • Foreign matter inside the printer like paper dust or toner dust.

To get the issue resolved following steps can be undertaken:

  • The first step is to clear the paper jam which has got stuck in the printer. To do this:
  1. Switch off the printer and remove the power cord from the power supply.
  2. Pull out the paper output cover.
  3. Remove the jammed paper slowly and carefully.
  4. Now remove if there is any paper remaining in the input tray.
  5. Now reload the paper into the input tray.
  6. Reconnect the printer to the power cord and switch it on.
  • Now, check the printer for any debris and clear all the dirt and dust from there.
  1. Switch off the printer and remove the power cord.
  2. Remove all the stuck paper from the tray.
  3. Now carefully remove the dust from the metal rollers which are present inside the printer.
  4. Now close the door and reconnect the printer.

Also, you have to make sure that the ink cartridges can move easily without any obstruction. For this:

  1. Remove the power cord from the printer and the wall outlet.
  2. Now, take out the ink cartridge.
  3. Now, move the carriage of the printer.
  4. Remove if there is a paper in the tray.
  5. Take out the rear accessory door.
  6. Try rotating the rollers.
  7. Now reinstall the ink cartridges after gently cleaning them.
  8. Put the power cord back and restart the printer.

Next, you can try resetting the printer. To do this:

  1. Switch on the printer.
  2. Now, wait for some time till the printer becomes idle.
  3. Keeping the printer on, remove the power cord from the printer as well as from the wall outlet.
  4. Now after some time put the plug back into the wall outlet and then reconnect the power cord to the printer as well.
  5. Wait till the printer switches on and check if it is working fine.

After using all these measures, you can try printing a test page by loading a paper into the paper tray to check if it is working fine.

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