How to Convert HEIC to JPG (6 Best Ways)


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Yes, an authorized source of Apple developed HEIC or HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) that works best for individual images and image sequences. The HEIC is referred to as a new image file type that packed with multimedia files including multiple-layer media streams such as timed text, audio and video as well. The most appealing reason why Apple replaced JPEG with HEIC image is that .heic images only cover half the storage space as the equivalent quality .jpeg image. However, don’t fret as you can try an online heic to jpg converter to turn heic into jpg without compromising the quality.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG

Did you Know!

You can find that HEIC by Apple is still used in a narrow group. Even mostly users prone to compatibility issues while opening, editing, or sharing HEIC images. This is where you have to use a free HEIC to JPG converter by that swiftly convert one or multiple HEIC images to regular JPG image files online.

Although you can be able to fetch HEIC file with HEIC viewer, still not an ideal approach for further editing and sharing. That’s the reason why we are going to reveal how to convert heic to jpg image within no time.

iMazing HEIC Converter:

HEIC is referred to as an ideal format for limited and cloud storage usage, indicated as same quality, less space. On the other hand, HEIC comes with poor compatibility with older versions of macOS, Windows, and Android. But, with the assistance of this HEIC converter, you can be able to transform Apple HEIC into JPG, PNG, or PDF, without sacrificing the image quality. Give a try to this HEIC file to JPG converter, and lets this tool provided you with an instant HEIC conversions.

WhyiMazing HEIC Converter?

  • Loaded with a tiny and free version desktop HEIC to JPG app for MAC/PC
  • Allow you to process with batch conversions from HEIC to JPG, PNG, and more
  • Lets you to make drag-and-drop .heic files or folders
  • This tool entirely preserves EXIF metadata in HEIC images
  • Highly supportive for color profiles such as wide-gamut

CopyTrans HEIC for Windows:

Now, you can be able to preview and browse HEIC images swiftly with the natural assistance of CopyTrans HEIC tool. There’s no need to stick with any additional software, you could easily browse your HEIC images or send them to print – this all happens with or even without converting HEIC to JPG file. Well, if you decided to save heic as jpg, then CopyTrans provided best HEIC to JPG converter for converting HEIC to JPG image while preserving original quality.

Why CopyTrans?

  • Works as HEIC viewer that lets you view heic files on windows
  • Assists with batch conversions (100+ HEIC To JPG, PNG)
  • Its authorized support make your MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel
  • Make a single click for HEIC to JPG conversion

HEICtoJPEG (Online):

HEICtoJPEG provided you with best HEIC to JPG converter that lets users to proceed with simple and quick HEIC Apple image to JPG conversions. Open this HEIC file to JPG converter, make drag and drop to swiftly upload multiple images for exporting heic as JPG images. This tool not only assists you to change heic to jpg files, but you can also fetch well-known photo optimization technology that lets you reduce the size of the resultant files.


  • This HEIC to JPG converter lets you proceed with batch HEIC to JPG image conversion over 50 HEIC images simultaneously
  • Provided you with the size of the uploaded HEIC and resultant JPEG files

HEIC to JPG Converter by theonlineconverter:

It is well-known medium that loaded with best image conversion tools including HEIC to JPG converter online. The most appealing reason to discussing this tool is that it lets you perform batch HEIC to JPG conversions while keeping the quality high. Besides that, you can fetch its HECI converter category to make conversions to and from HEIC image files formats.

This source is 100% free for image, document, PDF, audio, and video files conversions without any quality loss. All you need to import .heic image files that you wish to export as JPEG raster image file, and let this free online HEIC to JPG converter does all for you.

Why theonlineconverter?

  • Loaded with free HEIC to JPG files transformation
  • No limits for HEIC to image batch conversions
  • Simple & easy to understand interface tool
  • Preserves original quality while turning HEIC into JPG file


IOTransfer HEIC to JPG Converter is always ready to provide you people with high quality conversions from HEIC images to JPG’s. All you need to drag and drop HEIC photos, and let this converter transform them into JPG images. The upside is that this converter assists you to attain the conversion online corresponding to your convenience. No need to install any additional program on desktop as this utility works in any browser online.

Why IOTransfer?

  • Lets you make direct conversions for .heic file to .jpg image online
  • Make couple of tap to process with batch conversions from HEIC Photos to JPG
  • This tool will keep high quality image throughout all devices


Use this online HEIC to JPG converter for converting HEIC to image by simply exporting your HEIC images without downloading any additional software. For instance, if you open an HEIC format image in Photos or Preview on your macOS, you can simply choose File > Export > Choose a format that includes JPEG or PNG prior saving. Meanwhile, you could give a try to this free HEIC to JPG converter software utility to proceed with batch conversion.

Why MiniCreo?

  • HEIC pictures to JPG images conversion is only couple of steps away
  • The upside is that HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is enabled

Let’s Sum Up:

Thankfully, you explored different sources that loaded with best HEIC to JPG converter. However, if you want to get HEIC to JPEG batch conversions for free without quality distortion, then an online HEIC to JPG converter by is the perfect choice!


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