Framed For Life: Innovative Framing to Keep Memories Alive


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Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. Sometimes it may evoke sadness, but even underneath, that is a layer of happiness. Reminiscing and nostalgia trigger pleasure centres in the brain, making it a rewarding experience. Many objects can induce nostalgia, a ticket stub, an aeroplane ticket, a photo booth roll, pictures, videos, and several other everyday things. These objects are imbibed with memories personal to the individual, and while their real value may not amount to much, their sentimental value is limitless.

Framed For Life: Innovative Framing to Keep Memories Alive

A keepsake, a trinket, memory needs to be stored for posterity. Whatever the item, framing it preserves it for years to come. Professional framing services do just that job; they keep it intact for generations by framing the memorabilia. These agencies also provide innovative framing solutions, meaning they can put a frame around almost anything. They also ensure maximum safety during the framing process, using high-quality materials that will ensure there is no damage to your memorabilia.

Selecting Frames: Picking One From A Thousand

With years of technological advancements, frames are now available in many shapes, sizes, material, and a range of other features. Here are a few pointers to select the best frame for the requirement,

Shape and Size

Frames can come in any shape and size, thanks to technology. The size of the frame largely depends on the memorabilia in question. Usually, people prefer tight frames, leaving very little white space around the picture or object. But for minimalist enthusiasts, choosing a large frame for a small object is also an option. The ample blank space immediately draws eyes to the object in the frame. Traditionally people choose either square or rectangular frames. Still, for those with an eclectic taste, a range of shapes from hexagons and octagons to novelty frames in the form of castles or books are also available.


The most popular choice for framing is wood, as it exudes a regal charm and frames almost all famous artwork. But modern designs in metal, plastic, crystal, PVC, glass, and many other options make the buyer spoilt for choice. An excellent way to select a frame would be to choose one that complements the object. For example, poster frames are generally thin, allowing for a frame-less look. People who want to create a floating effect can use clear frames made of PVC or glass, creating an illusion of being suspended in the air. Another option is to go digital; one can only use digital frames for photos and videos, where the different pictures and videos play in a slideshow on a device and for all this there is 360 photo booth Bay Area.


Professional framing services allow people to personalise their frames, for example, engraving wordings or designs on a wooden frame. An array of personalisations exist, from engraving to textures, embossing, or even designing the frame’s shape. Personalisation is subject to the buyer’s creativity and budget; they can envision their ideas, and the framing agency will recommend the best way to execute them.

Latest Trends in Framing

Besides preserving memorabilia, frames are a chic accessory that can add to the interior decor. Using customisation options, people can design frames to suit their interior design’s theme. Some people even opt for a large empty frame as the centrepiece of the room; it represents possibilities. The most popular trend in framing today is the collage frame. A collage frame is a collection of frames in different or uniform sizes. They are placed close to each other randomly or like a jigsaw to create a collage of images. Professional framing services can help one achieve the desired effect by juxtaposing random shapes of frames for a wholesome, appealing centrepiece.


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