Five Major Myths About Asphalt


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Just like any prime pavement, people, places, or just about anything – there are rumors, myths, fallacies, and gossip swarming around the city. From ear to ear, they go, and once you hear something, it can be challenging to get it out of your head, true or not; you may even pass along the information to someone you know. Asphalt is pavement that has been used since the B.C. days and is still used worldwide. It has continued to be the foundation for connecting people, transportation and a foundation laid for people to create lives for themselves.

Paving companies in Fair View, NJ, understand the importance of its substance and the benefits it has given to the community and beyond. Whether you are considering utilizing asphalt for your home’s driveway, walkways, or businesses parking lot – some common misconceptions have been continuously spread about the pavement, and it is better to take your advice from professionals that have experience creating, pouring, installing, repairing and recycling the product than to listen to word of mouth. Asphalt has incredible qualities that can benefit your New Jersey home or business!

Asphalt Causes Pollution

Just because it has to be churned doesn’t mean it is producing some gigantic carbon footprint on the world or is harmful to the environment – quite the opposite. The asphalt industry and those that manufacture the pavement have continued to evolve with time, and they have chosen to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible. All asphalt can be continuously and consistently recycled and reused for new production – it is a greener option than defaulting to concrete. It allows users to participate in the advantages it can provide their communities.

Local asphalt companies are a part of the cycle against pollution, and they all take part in continuing on the legacy for the future – pushing themselves and potential clients to consider blacktops because no matter what happens, recycling is an option. It doesn’t only assist in its sustainability; other forms of waste, like scrap metal, can be recycled and reused for future driveways and parking areas!

Asphalt Isn’t a Durable Pavement

Suppose you are considering asphalt for your home or business. In that case, chances are that the pavement’s lifespan and overall durability will be at the forefront of your mind. It has long been rumored that asphalt doesn’t stand a chance against concrete to create a solid, strong foundation that will remain durable throughout its use and entire lifetime, but this remains a myth. Asphalt is very durable, and the typical pavement can last from 20 to 30+ years!

If you want it to surpass its regularly scheduled life, you can commit to seal coating and hiring local pavers for maintenance when required to protect and defend the surface.

Asphalt experts will tell you that recycled and virgin asphalt are equally as durable, and with the proper maintenance, your pavement will last and provide you with solid ground to walk, run, play, drive, or park on. The surface isn’t high maintenance, though; it requires more services than concrete. It is typically only for minor repairs or a line of defense, which any local paving company in your neighborhood can easily offer. Professional Asphalt Paving Summerville SC Homeowners Desire.

Asphalt is An Expensive Material

Asphalt is the opposite of expensive; most asphalt installation services are reasonably priced and affordable compared to other pavements – this is another reason why over 90% of our roadways and highways in New Jersey and the rest of the nation are built using its materials. Virgin or non-recycled asphalt will cost you a bit more than the recycled substance, but if you hope to go green and create a beautiful parking lot for your storefront or your driveway needs replaced at your home residence – asphalt is the best route. With a lower cost and recyclable qualities, it is difficult to say no!

Asphalt is a Pavement of the Past

There has been some talk that asphalt is being pushed to the side and newer materials will step forward to replace legitimate, traditional pavements; however, this is not the case. Asphalt is still being utilized at the commercial and residential levels at the same rate as it ever was. Paving companies see an increase in its use as many Jersey residents hope to succeed in an environmentally friendly home or business front, and when you can reuse something time and time again – why wouldn’t you choose asphalt? It doesn’t seem like asphalt is going away today or anytime in the near future; in fact, the industry is continuing to grow and evolve because it is such a sustainable pavement option.

Paving With Asphalt is Easy

The DIY craze has been in full effect for decades, but there was a significant rise in do-it-yourself home improvement, yard, and business upgrades during COVID as most people lost access to goods and services that they were used to depending on. While this has taught Jersey residents a new skill or two, paving is a different beast. Many components go into the production, recycling, installation, and repair of asphalt surfaces that could pose a serious safety risk and cause a significant mess logistically, physically, and financially.

The nationwide pandemic put people in a panic. Still, we have gotten through that by standing together, and the accessibility of goods and services has returned to its usual state with minor exceptions. NVN Paving provides premium asphalt paving services to residential and commercial communities in Fair View, NJ, and the surrounding cities. NVN pavers are committed to uplifting their neighborhoods by offering asphalt installation, repairs, seal coating, resurfacing, and more. Instead of relying on your own devices and the advice of those outside the paving industry, it is time to turn back toward the professionals for knowledge, expertise, and the truth about asphalt.


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