Finding a New Veterinarian For Your Cat


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As the owner of a cat, you will realize the importance of finding a veterinarian who cares about your cat as much as you do. When you have a vet that you can turn to, trust, and depend on, it matters. If you do not have a vet you can trust and rely on at the moment, then maybe it is time to start finding a new vet or practice. This process may initially sound tedious and time-consuming; however, you will find it eye-opening and interesting. At the end of the process, you will hopefully find a vet and practice that you can connect with. Here is some advice for finding a new vet for your cat.

Finding a New Veterinarian For Your Cat

Starting Your Search

To get your search off to the best start you need to decide what you want from a new vet. For example, do you want a vet that has lots of experience, or one that has specialist knowledge? If you have an older cat, do you want one that can offer emergency treatment, as well as end-of-life treatment too? A good vet will be one that grows with you, and with your pet. Establishing your needs will help to make the whole search much easier and more fruitful.

Looking Locally

The location of the veterinarian is important, whether you have an emergency situation or not. It is important to look at vets that cover your local area. For instance, if you are in the Des Moines area, then look for a Veterinarian in Des Moines, WA. For regular check-ups and for general immunizations and vaccinations, you want to be close to a vet. You do not want to be traveling across the state to get the treatment your cat deserves and needs. When you look locally, you also get that reassurance that someone is there (within a reasonable time) to assist you, and your cat.

Price, Cost, and Affordability

All veterinarians will publish a price list, and it is important you look at the price and cost of treatment. You should not simply go for the cheapest vet around, but you should see if the practice you are interested in is affordable and fair. Some practices also work with specific insurance providers, and this is a point you will need to consider if you have pet coverage or insurance for your cat. A lot of vets will work with clients to help them pay off bills and costs, and some will offer payment plans for treatments, so keep this in mind as well.

Communication and Friendliness

A vet is there to look after your cat, and they are there to give them the best treatment possible. However, you also want to make sure that you can easily communicate with a vet (and that they are friendly too). If you struggle to communicate your needs to a vet, or you find them less than personable, it may make the relationship difficult. This difficulty is not what you need or require. Building a trusting bond with a vet is crucial, and to do this, you must ensure great communication is present, so do not be afraid to pay them a visit, or phone them, and see how they handle your call.


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