Do ACs Bring in Fresh Air From Outside?


To know if the best air conditioner in India brings air from outside, we will explain its operation from the outdoor unit. In the outdoor unit is where the engine or compressor is, which is in charge of, as its name suggests, compressing the gas. When the gas is compressed it becomes a liquid state and its temperature increases. It is then driven to the condenser, which is the “radiator” on the outside machine. If you have air conditioning you will be able to observe what is explained and you will see how its operation expels hot air. Well, when you get to the condenser, what you do is steal heat from it and this process is called subcooling.

Do ACs bring in fresh air from outside

By stealing heat, the gas begins to turn into a gaseous state (although not entirely), a mixture of liquid and gaseous gas would go to the expansion valve. What the expansion valve produces is a loss of charge in the refrigerant, causing a drop in the pressure and temperature of the gas. This process is the same as when we use a deodorant spray. We have a liquid gas and when pressing the spay it sprays and comes out cold. Once we have lowered the pressure and temperature of the gas, it goes to the evaporator, which is the indoor unit of our air conditioning, there what we do is heat the gas and this process is called overheating.

This is how we manage to cool the room at home, since the gas has a lower temperature than the air in the room. The air passes through the evaporator cooling, thus we manage to cool the room in which we find ourselves because it gives heat to the refrigerant gas. Then that heat that we have stolen from the room, through the gas, is absorbed by the compressor, which in turn serves to refrigerate it since the gas that returns to it still arrives cold. After this the process is repeated again and again until the room reaches the temperature that we are asking our air conditioning, once the desired temperature is reached the thermostat will make the machine stop until it returns to raise the temperature again.

How an Air Conditioner bring fresh air from outside?

If you have the best air conditioner in India at your home then you might observed that there’s an exhaust fan is mounted on the roof of your house or building. What is the use of that exhaust fan in air conditioning? Basically, there are two modes in the air conditioners nowadays which are exhaust open and exhaust closed. Exhaust open means that your air conditioner will bring air from outside and release it inside of the house by cooling it with the process I have explained above. And the exhaust closed simply means that the air conditioner will take the warm air from inside and cool it to make a cycle of cooling. So if we say the air conditioning unit brings air from outside then it is true but still it cools that air by taking that air under its cooling process. If you are eager to know more informational contents and if you want to buy any home appliance then is always available for you.


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