Better Hires Start with a Better Hiring Process


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New hires are both exciting and risky; a fresh perspective is often needed to take things to the next level, but one bad hire can also do a lot of damage. To mitigate this risk, companies often opt to make hiring decisions slowly, a decision that comes with its high costs. BPSS clearance is considered important for this matter by majority of the employers. So if you want to eak a good livelihood and job then make sure to crack this certification for your job.

Better Hires Start with a Better Hiring Process

But today’s labor market is tight and moves quickly. You can’t wait for the “perfect” hire to appear. If you want to make good hires efficiently, follow these three tips:

Streamlined Background Checks

Background checks that include a pre-employment drug screen done by a professional, third-party agency are the most critical thing you can do to improve the quality of your hires. A background check confirms an individual’s identity, education, and experience, looks for evidence of past criminal behavior, and screens for illegal substance use/abuse. When done by a licensed professional, these background checks provide critical insight into candidates essential to improving hiring decisions.

Beyond these services, these agencies also offer critical tools such as ATS integrations that make the process smooth and streamlined for you and the candidate. A single platform eliminates duplicate data entry points, keeps everyone in the loop on where the process stands, and automatically manages all the complex compliance requirements surrounding collecting, using, and storing personal information. A skilled consumer reporting agency helps you check both boxes—efficiency and quality.

Solid Job Descriptions

The job description you put out there needs to accurately represent your needs. This description is the first interaction candidates will have with you, and it needs to serve three purposes. First, it needs to delineate the specific requirements of the position. Second, it needs to attract the right applicants. And third, it should give candidates a solid reason for wanting to apply for the position and work for you. When the job description successfully does all three, you’ll get fewer unqualified applicants in the pool, have a solid understanding of what you’re looking for, and garner enthusiasm straight out of the gate.

Personal Interactions

With all the tech involved with hiring these days, it’s easy to slip into automatic mode and let the system do the talking. But taking this route is a mistake. A personal conversation with the applicant within a day or two of receiving their application speaks volumes about your organization plus gives you the opportunity to make a valuable preliminary assessment. And checking in throughout the process via phone, a personal email, or text helps establish a positive connection. It may tilt the competition in your favor when it comes time for the candidate to make a decision.

You can make your hiring process stronger and more efficient if you work with a professional screening agency, create tight job descriptions, and focus on having personal interactions. Get the talent you need today.


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